Meet the Dolls


Sarah is the oldest, and naturally, the most practical of the family. Her hair used to be wavy, but now it’s stick straight. Sarah knows she’s been loved well, and thinks her straight hair is something positive. Colorful hair add-ons make her hair look more fun and interesting. She’s always willing to lend a listening ear to any dolls in a hard time and if you move onto her street, you’re in luck: she always bakes chocolate chip cookies for new neighbors!

Favorite food: BBQ chicken pizza

Favorite color: Blue

What she really wants: Nothing; she’s pretty content.

Quote: “It’s okay to feel sad sometimes.”

Favorite blog:

Fun Fact: Sarah’s name means Princess.

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Kaya is the free-spirited one of the family. She has a deep connection with nature and spends hours of her day outside. When we say she wouldn’t hurt a fly, it’s the truth. You can always find her looking for new animals to befriend or trying to convince her sisters to let her get a horse. Never mind the fact the dolls don’t have a stable – Kaya has already offered to share her bedroom with it.

Kaya’s Favorites:

Food: Smoked salmon

Colors: Red

What she really wants: To be a strong leader

Quote: “Respect and protect the earth, because we are all connected.”

Favorite blog: She’s more of a book person

Fun Fact: When Kaya first came to live at the Small Dolls in a Big World house, she didn’t know much English. While she enjoyed learning a new language, she also enjoyed teaching words from her tribe, the Nimiipuu, to her sisters!



Jamie is an Innerstar University girl. Before she came to live with us, she spent her days on the campus, “living it up,” as she says, and credits those times for her excellent fashion sense! She may appear shallow sometimes because of her love for clothes, but don’t let it fool you. Jamie has a huge heart and is fiercely protective of everyone she loves. Jamie tends to act before she thinks, and will accidentally create sticky situations with herself stuck in the middle. Good thing her sisters aren’t sick of her, because they’re usually the ones who have to pull her out.

Favorite food: Coffee

Favorite color: Pink

What she really wants: The latest clothes (duh!)

Quote: “That looks fab.”

Favorite blog:

Fun Fact: She’s a trendsetter! Jamie was the first doll of the family to have earrings. After showing them off for several months, a group of them went to follow in Jamie’s footsteps. She brings up this story anytime the other dolls question her latest fashion choices.


Kanani is the most sun-kissed girl you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and loves to care for her family and friends. She is deeply passionate about the earth and tries to live as sustainably as she can, which is hard in the modern age, but Kanani knows that every little bit counts! You will never find Kanani without her favorite metal straws and reusable cups – she has quite the collection and is always willing to share with a friend. When she’s not posting on her nature blog or taking the dogs for a walk, you can find her at the beach catching some waves.

Favorite food: Coconut Shave Ice

Favorite color: Ocean blue

What she really wants: To live in the sun all year round

Quote: “What do you mean ‘it’s too hot outside’?”

Favorite blog:

Fun fact: Kanani is often called a VSCO girl for the way she’s always at the beach and caring for the environment, and she wears the label with pride!



If you need help with arts and crafts, Isabelle is your go-to girl. While her true passion is dance, Isabelle loves designing and sewing her own costumes. She can make just about anything with a scrap of fabric and a needle. Dance practice and school take up most of Isabelle’s time during the week, but she looks forward to the weekends where she makes a habit of checking her favorite flea markets and thrift stores for the best deals. When recital time comes around, her performance costumes are often hand made with pieces of fabric found all around the city. To say she shines in the spotlight is an understatement.

Favorite food: Bagels (with coffee)

Favorite color: Lavender

What she really wants: To be a professional ballerina

Quote: “Practice makes progress!”

Favorite blog:

Fun Fact: A couple years ago, Isabelle found her designer gold glitter shoes at Goodwill for 90% off retail price. It’s the find she’s proudest of – the shoes were in like-new condition! This is also the reason Jamie knocks on Isabelle’s door three times a week. She’s always trying to get Isabelle to let her wear them.



Grace is the one with big ideas. Alway seeing the potential in things, she loves being the boss of her own baking business: La Petite Patisserie. Her trip to Paris last year changed her life for the better and helped her expand her baking skills. Currently she bakes out of her kitchen, but she’s saving up so she can buy a commercial space to work out of. Grace loves getting her sisters to pose with her creations so she has content for her business’s social media, and she often pays her sisters in cupcakes to clean the dishes. Ironically, it’s the chore she hates most of all.

Favorite food: Raspberry Tarts

Favorite color: Light Blue

What she really wants: Take another trip to Paris someday.


Favorite blog:

Fun Fact: Grace’s lips are darker than any other doll, including Catlover02’s Grace!



Lea Clark has a long past – she’s a Jedi! Bearing a blue lightsaber, she’s fought a knight of Ren and went on a huge journey to save her sisters. You can read all about her adventure in “The Guiding Compass” series. She is very determined, like Tay, and due to her past, had a hard time accepting her new sisters when she arrived. However, she grew used to then and now treasures her new family. Lea is shy, and is prone to stand back in the conversation, but once she gets warmed up, she’s fine.

How I got Lea: Lea is the 7th doll in the family. I bought her with my own allowance and money I’d earned through Etsy. My family went to the AG store and I got to pick her out along with her exclusive collection and ear piercings. I told myself not to like Lea because I needed to buy some things for Kaya and Kanani’s collections, but when she was leaked, I knew I’d end up buying her.

Birthday: January 24th

Lea’s Favorites:

Food: Frappechinos.

Color: Yellow

Movie: The Force Awakens

Outfit: Her meet outfit

Animals: Parrot

Allergies: None

Best Friend: Tay

Hobbies: Imaginary lightsaber dueling (against herself), and photography.

What she really wants: To be a powerful Jedi

Fun Fact: Tay and Lea are best buddies. In “The Guiding Compass,” Lea actually found Tay and they went off on a grand adventure to fight an evil Sith before coming back home to live with the dolls.



Taylor (also known as Tay because “Taylor sounds too girly)  is the ultimate tomboy. Want her to wear something pink? You’ll have to beg. Tay’s involved in many sports, her favorite of which is soccer. She can’t stand pink dresses, and is the first to get into a quarrel with Jamie. The two are known to knock heads on fashion choices. Tay is very determined, confident, and doesn’t hesitate to tell other people how she feels. Oh, and don’t call her cute — She’ll be out for revenge.

How I got Tay: American Girl held a contest in the winter of 2016 called the World by Girls contest. I entered in a drawing and a paragraph I created about a place in the world that would help girls. You can learn more about my entry here. In February, AG picked the winners, and I won first place in my age category! I won $500 worth of prizes, one of which was Truly Me #64: Tay. I had to wait quite a while for her, but it was worth it. Tay has a very special place in my heart and I will treasure her always. :)

Tay’s Favorites:

Food: Literally anything.

Color: Anything but pink. Preferably green.

Movie: Rogue One. (She’s a Star Wars fanatic just like Lea)

Outfit: Her Guiding Compass Outfit and her soccer uniform.

Animal: Owls and Lions.

Allergies: None.

Best Friend: Lea

Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, she’ll try anything.

What she really wants: To have fun, be free, and be herself. And watch Rogue One.

Fun Fact: Tay was the first Asian to be welcomed into the Small Dolls in a Big World family.


Harper Luna

Harper Luna (sometimes just called Harper) is a sweet girl who is 12 years old. She is obsessed with having everything clean and organized, which is why one of her hobbies is interior designs. It’s how she can get everything “just so.” Harper also loves to play her keyboard, and her habit of being a night owl really shines whenever she’s working on a new song. She’ll stay up late practicing, or trying to find the right notes. Harper gets anxiety when meeting new people, but once she warms up, thinks get a whole lot better. To be honest, Harper doesn’t totally love living with the dolls but she loves them all dearly.

How I got Harper: With the new permapanties on Truly Me dolls, AG was planning on switching all the dolls over to having permanent underwear. I bought Harper because I’ve always thought she was cute, and I had seen several adorable photos of her on Instagram. When AG had free shipping in the spring of 2017, I knew I had to snatch her up. I don’t regret it. :)

Harper’s Favorites:

Food: Anything grown in a garden, preferably strawberries and watermelon.

Color: Light green and pink.

TV Show: HG TV

Outfit: Any T-shirt and shorts is fine, as long as it’s paired with her gardening hat.

Animal: Birds in general.

Allergies: None.

Best Friend: Isabelle

Hobbies: Interior design, playing keyboard, gardening.

What she really wants: To live in a perfect, mess free home, but she’s doubtful it’ll ever happen.

Fun Fact: Harper used to wear glasses until she got contacts when she was 11.


Felicity Merriman

Felicity (or Lissie as she demands to be called) is probably the most mischievous doll in the SDBW household. Always climbing on things, riding horses bareback, she is constantly being told to settle down. She will always cheer on a sister or friend in a competition – Felicity loves winning, but she is also a good sport and will congratulate others even after a loss. If you can’t find her, just start baking something. She will show up wherever there’s food, pie to be exact.

Felicity’s Favorites:

Food: PIE

Color: Blue

TV Show: What’s TV?

Outfit: A graphic top and shorts.

Animal: Horses

Allergies: None.

Best Friend: Kaya

Hobbies: Keeping the pantry stocked, horse-riding.

What she really wants: To own her own horse and never be told what to do.

Fun Fact: Felicity secretly likes dressing up sometimes! She went to a fancy party once for the holidays and actually enjoyed herself.


Gabriel (Truly Me #76)


Jess (Truly Me #55)

Alexis (Truly Me #56)

Alexis is the newest member of the family here at Small Dolls in a Big World! She’s settling in just fine, and tackling the enormous job of unpacking and organizing her book collection. Alexis LOVES learning. She will study just about anything, though space and the planets are her favorite. When it’s raining and cold outside, you’ll find her drinking herbal tea and working on her macrame skills. Her room is covered in beautiful pieces she’s made, some finished and some still a work-in-progress.

Favorite food: Cinnamon sugar donuts

Favorite color: Any shade of green

What she really wants: To become a doctor and study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Quote: “Let’s look it up!”

Favorite blog:

Fun Fact: Alexis is addicted to applying chapstick. As a result, she always smells like watermelon!

Catlover02’s Dolls:



I received Bethany from my parents on Christmas of 2009. I remember seeing the two rectangular boxes (One for me, and the other for my sister) and somehow recognizing them as American Girl Doll boxes, though I don’t remember how I’d known what size they were, because I didn’t even play with dolls that much back then. I didn’t know how to care for Bethany properly until about 2012 and by then I had already used plastic brushes to brush her hair. But Bethany doesn’t really care how her hair looks, as long as it’s out of the way. :)

What she likes: You could say Bethany is the troublemaker of the fam. She loves spying on her sisters, playing pranks and fooling around. She loves food — a lot — and will eat almost anything, especially if it’s something Grace bakes. She likes to play the most dirty, outdoor games, usually that involve mud. While she has a small attention span, she loves playing video games with Vanessa and writing the most ridiculous short stories.

Age: 15

Food(s): Um.. Pretty much all foods

Color(s): White, Gray and Blue.

TV Show: America’s Funniest Home Videos

Hobby: Annoying her sisters

Pet(s): Praline

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: She’s my only doll with line eyebrows.



I bought Josefina on a vacation down to Texas in 2012. I hadn’t saved up enough money for her, but my Mom allowed me to purchase her at the AG store, and then open her when I had the money. It was a long, LONG wait, but I finally opened her up and and happily introduced her to Bethany. She was very easy to care for, as her hair was in a braid most of the time, and I had just learned that plastic brushes ruined doll hair.

What she likes: Josefina is very quiet and rarely speaks loudly. But her pretty voice is heard once in a while when she hums or sings, usually when working. Though she doesn’t chatter much, she is very responsible and does quite well at her job of ordering her sisters around with chores and jobs. She loves the outdoors in any type of weather, and spends most of her free time in the sun or around her plants. Her clothing style is a little more old-fashioned than Jessica would like, but she still wears modern clothes once in a while.

Age: 14

Food(s): Tamales

Color(s): Yellow, White and Green

Animal(s): Baby Goats and Chickens <3

Possession(s): Her Nina doll (Mini Josefina)

Pet(s): Sombrita

Hobby(s): Gardening, Cooking, and Pet-Sitting

Best Friend: Kaya

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Josefina has removable earrings, and can wear all the earrings made for the Truly Me dolls.



Jessica was my third doll that I bought in 2013, on my sister’s birthday trip to the AG store. We both bought MYAG dolls, and Jessica was the closet look-alike I could get, at the time. She also gave me InnerstarU access, which I used a LOT. Jessica was bought on the same day as Jamie, so the two are best buds, though it’s usually Jamie who’s leading them into trouble, and Jessica who follows right along with her.

What she likes: Jessica can be a drama queen when it comes to working, but she is queen of shopping, and usually drags one or two of her sisters along with her. She spends half her time shopping, digging for the best deals. One of her favorite things to do with her sister, Mallorie, is online shop, though Jessica prefers being able to feel the quality of fabric. Some of her favorite words include “coupon”, “sale” and “fashionable”. 😂 😂 😂

Age: 15

Food(s): Low-calorie, sugar-free waffles (Of course, only Jessica….)

Color(s): Gray and Pink

Animal(s): Seahorses

TV Show: Freddy Flints Fashion Tips

Hobby(s): Browsing at the mall, or shopping online

Best Friend(s): Jamie and Mallorie

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Jessica considers her skin so pure that she doesn’t eat too much sugar, in case she ruins her perfect complexion. 😂



Spring was my fourth doll that I bought in June of 2014. She was my second MYAG doll, giving me yet another access code the InnerstarU, though I rarely used it because of the progress I already had on Jessica’s account. I was drawn to Spring because of her beautiful hair, though I had no idea how to care for it. It was a hassle at first, but a few tutorials taught me how to correctly curl it and now her hair looks as beautiful as ever. D

What she likes: Spring loves all animals, but has to settle with living with only a few. If I didn’t give her a limit, the house would become a barn. She’s very helpful and perky most of the time, and helps Josefina around the house. She has yet to come across someone as obsessed with pets as she is, but she’s fine with it, as long as she gets to keep a few indoors. Spring is also an amazing crafter. Give her paper and scissors and she’ll come up with a masterpiece a few minutes later. 😂 😂 

Age: 13 1/2

Food(s): Raspberry Cheesecake

Color(s): Coral and Aqua

Animal(s): Puppies and Dolphins

Hobby(s): Crafting and sewing

Pet(s): She has three. Coconut, Jade and Tutu

Best Friend(s): Isabelle and Sophie

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Spring was actually bought on the first day of summer. :)


Grace Emmiline

Grace is very special to me because I worked the hardest to save up for her. Around late 2014, leaks of Grace and her collection were appearing and I thought she was just so gorgeous and unique. So I did tons of chores around the house, hoping to buy her as soon as I could. Soon I had enough for her and I bought her online. She arrived on January 12th, 2015. I was so excited to open her and play with her. She has probably gotten the most play of any of my dolls. She inspired my sister and I to bake a whole variety of different sweets, including a few French desserts! :)

Age: 16

Favorite Colors: Light Blue and Light Pink

Favorite Movie: Grace Stirs up Success

Favorite TV Show: Masterchef Junior

Favorite Animal: French Bulldogs

Hobby: Baking and Blogging

Pets: Bonbon

Best Friend: Grace (American Girl Doll Artist’s)

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: She was my first Girl of the Year doll, and the wardrobe is full of her clothing collection. Her *cough* *cough* very large clothing collection.



Pippa was my fifth doll that I bought on February 20th, 2016. I wasn’t originally going to buy her, mostly because I had just bought the last GOTY, but Lea was so unique and pretty that she I finally bought her. Though, I decided to change her name. I purchased her around the time I was – and still am – obsessed with Star Wars, so she is my Star Wars fangirl. She had a special affection for droids, especially BB-8, and loves writing fanfictions about the characters.

Age: 14 3/4

Favorite Food: Milkshakes

Favorite Colors: Green, Dark Blue and Purple

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Favorite Animal: Turtles

Nickname(s): Pip, Pip-Pip, Button

Hobbies: Hiking, Doll Photography and Fangirling

Allergies: Chocolate and Pineapple

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Her compass necklace is actually from her sister, Amaya.



Amaya was a surprise addition. In June, all of the Truly Me doll were on sale for only $98. I had been eyeing #58, hoping to add a darker toned doll to my collection and this was the perfect chance. The problem was, I had no name for her and I didn’t want to hurry into buying a doll right after I had just bough Pippa in February. But I saw that #58 was backordered and I ended up purchasing her, knowing that I’d have at least a month to work out her name and personality. But that wait was very, very long. In that time, I switched from one name to another, until I finally decided on the name, Amaya, the day before she arrived on June 27th, 2015. Amaya takes ballet and tap, but she also enjoys being outside with her sisters.

Age: 15

Favorite Colors: Light pink and all shades of teal

Favorite Movie: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight

Favorite Animal: Persian cats

Nickname: Birdie

Allergies: Poison Ivy

Favorite Doll Blog:

Best Friend: Pippa and Jamie

Fun Fact: Amaya was my first doll with textured hair it’s actually the easiest the take care of.



I bought Camille as a birthday present for myself on September 30th during a trip to the AG store. I had really been against the idea of the Wellie Wishers from the start, but they were growing on me. A lot. I almost considered buying Kendall, as a little sister of Amaya, but I just really loved Camille’s bright expression and adorable outfit.

What she likes: Camille may be the smallest of the family, but she really can be a big annoyance. She especially enjoys bugging the “big girls” and following Pippa (Or Mallorie) everywhere. She has a giant imagination, and will spend large amounts of time outside helping fairies cross the street or planting undersea gardens with mermaids.

Age: 5

Food(s): Ice cream with cookie crumbles

Color(s): Mermaid Colors (Blue and Green)

Movie(s): Finding Dory and Finding Nemo

Animal(s): Mermaids…? And Seahorses

Nickname: Chirpy

Best Friend: Emerson

Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Camille has to take naps! Much to the older girls’ relief. XD


Renae is my eighth addition to my doll family. I bought her on January 6th, 2017 and fell in love with her beautiful Sonali face mold and amber eyes at the store. Her website photo wasn’t too impressive, but in person she is so adorable and very photogenic. Renae is the quietest girl in my doll family. She is very shy and especially non-talkative around strangers, unless the subject is books. She loves reading and spends most of her free time writing short stories, which almost always involve herself as the main character. She’s also a big daydreamer, and enjoys sitting somewhere quiet imagining she’s in a galaxy far, far away.

Age: 14 1/2

Favorite Colors: Pastel green

Favorite Food: Salty foods, specifically chips and pretzels

Favorite Movie: All Star Wars movies

Favorite Animal: She doesn’t really care for animals, but cats are okay

Best Friend(s):Vanessa and Tay

Hobbies: Hermiting, Writing and Drawing

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Renae likes to spend her time curled up on the couch hermiting and drawing her favorite book characters.



Mallorie is the princess of the doll house. She’s a total beauty queen and is an expert in all things dress-up. She loves pretending to be her favorite princesses and twirling throughout the house and while she isn’t very talkative around others her own age, she loves being around little chubs, and babysits once or twice a week for her neighbors. She also doodles a ton, usually carrying a notebook and pencil in case she happens to be suddenly inspired.

Age: 13

Favorite Color: Dark Pink

Favorite Food: Most sweets, but she loves cake pops

Favorite Movie: Pretty much everything Disney princess, but her favorites are Tangled, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast

Pet: She doesn’t own any pets herself, but she loves going on horseback rides once in a while, because, “All princesses know how to ride horses.” 😂😂

Best Friend: Camille and Grace

Hobbies: Babysitting, shopping online and helping Grace bake

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Though Mallorie likes to appear as a perfect little princess, she loves pigging out with Vanessa to watch Youtube videos every now and then.


Vanessa Eve, or just Nessa, arrived at our house on March 25th, 2017 full of attitude. She loves vlogging about everyday life, photography and making her own stop-motion videos with her sister’s AG dolls. Vanessa’s not really a drama queen, but she loves acting and is very talented in that department. While she can be outgoing and likes socializing with other, sometimes she just likes to be alone, editing photos or a new video with a cup of coffee.

Some other hobbies of hers include swimming, diving and gymnastics as she’s double jointed and very flexible. 😁

Age: 14

Favorite Colors: Black and White

Favorite Food(s): Sushi and Miso Soup

Favorite Youtube Channel: Studio C

Nickname: Nessa, Nessie

Pet: She owns a fluffy Kishu puppy named Yuki and loves him to pieces

Best Friend(s): Tay and Renae

Hobbies: Creating videos, editing, skateboarding, swimming, diving and gymnastics

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact While Vanessa likes to be alone most of the time, one of her favorite things to do is hang out with her sisters at night and share hilarious stories.

Winnie Claire

Winnie Claire’s spirited personality and stunning looks make her one bossy beauty queen. She’s all about grace, poise and fashion! As one of the oldest of the girls, Winnie is often controlling and moody, and is certain to make things go just the right way. (Which is usually her way…) 😬😂 Though she appears to be all tough and confident, she really has a soft spot for Jessica, and enjoys spending time with her favorite sister. Her days are filled with online college classes, meetings with friends at Starbucks and on quests to find the hottest new trends.

Age: 16

Favorite Color: Pastel Shades

Favorite Food(s): Buddha Bowls

Nickname: Winnie the Pooh.. (Let’s just say she’s not a fan.)

Talents: Her superb sense of balance and elegance make her an amazing ice skater. Plus, she’s awesome at problems-solving, and loves messing around with logic puzzles.

Best Friend(s): Jessica, Darica and Jamie

Hobbies: Ice skating… (Does texting count?)

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Winnie is the only girl in the house to own make-up, much to the jealousy of her sisters.


Nanea Mitchell

As one of the youngest, Nanea loves showing off for people for attention, and she’s not afraid to let people know her opinions (especially her sisters). At times, she can seem quiet, but her fun-loving personality usually breaks through and she can often be found randomly dancing the hula or barking along with her puppy, Mele.

Age: 12

Favorite Color(s): Green and Purple

Favorite Food(s): Guava bread

Nickname(s): Nae-nae, The Chub

Talents: Even though she seems uncoordinated at times, she’s an expert at many Hawaiian dances, and isn’t afraid to try new kinds dancing, as she’s a big fan of jazz, hip-hop and tap.

Best Friend(s): The neighbor, Sophie.

Pet: Mele, her fuzzy grey poi dog.

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Although Nanea’s gorgeous curls look flawless, it’s usually the help of her sisters that keep them that way. She despises brushing her hair and prefers it down instead of styling.


Wisteria Talla

I began planning a custom doll in winter of 2017. I knew I wanted her wig to be dramatic, and I found the perfect fit on during their Black Friday sale. It wasn’t until that spring that I actually purchased her. I’d noticed how cute all of the Josefina face mold customs looked on IG, and decided to use that for the base. When she arrived, I quickly set to work removing her original wig and replacing it with her lavender locks. I added a few freckles here and there and voila! My very first custom!

What she likes: Wisteria obviously loves pastel colors, and it shows with her dramatically dyed hair. During the summer, she works her own business: Homemade ice cream! She has so much fun coming up with new flavors and treats for her customers, and she always greets everyone with a smile. Some other hobbies include singing, reading and blogging.

Age: 15

Favorite Color(s): Lavender and Pastel Pink

Favorite Food(s): Vanilla Custard and Lemon Bread

Nickname: Ria

Talents: Always knowing what someone’s about to say, and being able to sing on-key and harmonize to almost anything!

Best Friend(s): Sophie and Rebecca

Favorite Youtube Channel: Merrelltwins

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Wisteria’s hair won’t stay lavender forever…. She loves to switch things around and try new looks once in awhile. One day it’s purple, the next it’s pink! 😄



Coral is a renamed used Isabelle doll I received from a friend who didn’t play with dolls anymore. She was in pretty good condition, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’d always thought this particular GOTY was a bit too plain for my liking, but when I took her out to photograph her, I found I was horribly mistaken. Her eyes are just too gorgeous and I can’t get enough of her beautiful blonde hair! It’s so easy to braid and style! 😍

What she likes: Coral loves just about anything outdoors, be it fishing, hiking, swimming or gardening, she’ll enjoy every second of it. She definitely has a major green thumb, and seems to be the only girl who can keep anything alive for a long period of time.

Age: 14

Favorite Color(s): Coral and Gold

Favorite Food: Mint Ice Cream

Nickname(s): Cori, Coral Reef

Talents: Happens to always be in the room whenever she’s being called for, gets along well with pets and other animals.

Best Friend: Isabelle and Kordi

Pet: Tutu (Though she’s mostly Spring’s)

Fun Fact: Coral’s wardrobe consists mostly of exercise shorts and tees, and she almost always refuses to wear anything formal.


Kordelia “Kordi” Alana

I bought Kordi while I was helping my Mom with her treatment in Arizona. We got to go to the AG store shortly after a release and I was so excited to see all the new items! While I was there I had to decide between #80 and #79. Obviously, I decided on the latter. I just couldn’t help but fall in love with her hazel eyes; plus I didn’t have a Jess mold in my collection. I was a little stressed picking her out… so many #79s had wonky eyes, but I finally settled on this gorgeous girl.

What she likes: You will never find Kordi far from her little sweetheart puppy, Teddy!  When she moved from Hawaii to California with her parents, she met and rescued Teddy from the local shelter. Now she loves helping out there on the weekends, and can’t help but to fall in love with every orphaned puppy she meets. ❤️ She also loves watching movies, especially superhero movies

Age: 16

Favorite Color(s): Green and Peach

Favorite Food(s): Breaded Shrimp and Mango Mochi

Talents: Her gorgeous complexion has landed her a job in modeling, and she already a quite accomplished dancer.

Best Friend(s): Nanea and Kanani

Pet: Teddy, her Wheaton Terrier

Favorite Movie: Spiderman: Homecoming

Favorite Book: The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart

Fun Fact: Kordi takes ballet, lyrical and jazz twice a week, and all of her hard work shows through on the stage.


Age: 16

Favorite Color(s): Peach & Navy

Favorite Food: Gingerbread Cookies

Talents: She is formally trained in piano, harpsichord and violin, and also enjoys ballroom dancing.

Best Friend(s): Pippa

Pet: Inkpot, her black kitten.

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Favorite Book: Little Women

Fun Fact: She is currently enrolled in an all-girls college with a major in literature and a minor is fine-art.

and that is all (for now) :)

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  1. They are so cute I have kanani and i also have Sarah wich I named mine sapphire I love her alot she means the world to me! I also have jamie but I custumized her into a boy so his name is angelino his name used to be Angelina. Love your dolls!

  2. I have Samantha and Kit I also have a princess “15” Belle. My Samantha is just like Jamie ! My Kit is like Kaya .

    (P.S I am new to your Blog and I love It! Doll diaries introduced me to it !)

  3. The dress I wanted you to draw on Grace is the one Spring is wearing. :) Your dolls are beautiful by the way! I especially love Jamie! :)

  4. wow!!! that is so cool! i have only one doll – molly the historic one, but she has super short hair, and is kinda dirty and has nail polish on her ears and is well, much loved! she also has a wig that came off!! but i can see you have amazing dolls. very cute!!

  5. You have a lot of great dolls! I really want Caroline before she goes away but I don’t think I can get her :( By the way, I have a question about WordPress- how do you create tabs like this one?

  6. I might be considering buying My AG 33, or Spring. How do you manage her curls and are they hard to manage?

  7. I was just reading this again to see if you had added Goty 2016, and I realized that Spring is really similar to me!!! Personality wise. She is so cute!

  8. When I was looking on Peppermint Pursuits, in one of the pictures it looked like Kanani had a scar! Is that really there?

  9. I have Isabelle, and Katie, but I named her Cassady. These are beautiful pictures, too! How are you so good?!p.s. When are you going to put Taylor on there?

  10. Actually, I forgot to say, I don’t just have Isabelle, and Cassady. (Katie) I have McKenna Brooks, Caroline Abbott, JLY 25, JLY 14, and Marisol Luna. ~ Katherine

  11. American Girl Doll Artist can you make Tay’s profile soon and can you make her Birthday June 13? I know this is a strange request and I hope I didn’t sound rude but please consider it….Thanks!

    • Oh, I will soon. :) She just needs to have a photoshoot done first, so she can get a profile picture. I think I’ll make her birthday the day I opened her and she came in the mail. ;) Thanks for your request, it’s not rude at all. I really appreciate your interest in my dolls! :)

  12. That’s so funny, I have a doll I named Tailor as well! She’s # 59, and nothing like your Tailor. Mine is all about love and blah blah BLAH! lol! I also have Saige, Rebecca, Grace, Lea, Kaya, and I’m getting either Melody or GOTY the day she comes out. Or I’ll get Melody for holidays and GOTY day she comes out. Only time will tell!

  13. Hello again. I am in love with the picture of your grace doll. The trench coat even looks a tad bit accurate. ;)

  14. Hi American girl artist!
    I really Like Harper Luna.
    Her Hair is so Pretty!
    I just found your Blog and I think You Have designed it really well.
    I Love the Room tours and Room updates.
    Are you and Catlover02 sisters?

    • Well, on most of the TM #58’s I’ve seen, the hair is just out-of-control first thing out of the box. So the first thing I did was spray her hair down with the water, and part it the way I liked. It’s best if you rarely comb her hair, because I’ve found it can straighten the curls. Hope this helps, and I’m hope you find an amazing TM #58! ;)

  15. I have Samantha and Maryellen. I love to make stopmotions. There names in stopmotion are Vanessa and Ashleigh… they’re so fun to make!!!

  16. Is it just me or did AG do the Permapanties to terrorize people into buying lots of dolls before the permas? Lots of sales would happen!

  17. Just noticed your website was remodeled and there are new dolls on this page! Can’t wait to snee what other change comes next… I grew up with this blog, and I still love it to this day.

    • I know i have been commenting a lot Her but i LOVE your blog and I was wondering if you could check out my blog. Your blog is the reason I started ( and why i got my lea doll). My blog is