Confessions, Updates, and Harper Luna

Hello readers!

It’s been so long, hasn’t it? :)

Spring is just such a busy time for me! I’m reaching the home stretch of my college public speaking class, which I am ecstatic about. Public speaking is not my strong point, however I will admit that the class has caused me to come out of my shell a bit. :) I’m super pumped for May cause that’s when school ends, and just a little over a month away!! *shouts* *cheers* *throws confetti*

Also, may I also confess that I am like a super Rebels fan? Star Wars Rebels.. The finale was awesome, people. Awesome. I like, couldn’t move for 5 minutes after I saw it, I was just filled with so many emotions that I just couldn’t. :| I can’t wait for the season 4 sneak peek during the Star Wars Celebration Orlando. I don’t know if I’m gonna watch it live but, I really want to. XD I’m super concerned for all the Mandalorians, looking all the concept art for season 4. :| And I may be getting a haircut like my favorite Mandalorian. #wren #epic *heart eyes*

Sorry for all my fangirling, I am just SO into SWR right now! XD Can anybody relate?

Of course, some of you may have just read this post to know who Harper Luna is. XD Well, I will confess that I bought another new doll. This is due to the Permapanties that soon will be coming to AG stores. So it’s not entirely my fault. *sheepish grin*

I want you to meet my new doll, Truly Me 53, Harper Luna! :D


Isn’t she so pwetty?! *dies* This has to be my most favorite photo ever. :|

Harper Luna, or just Harper, is 12 years old, and has a passion for gardening and interior design. She’d organize the entire dollhouse if she had permission. Harper is often nervous and shy when meeting new people, and sometimes has anxiety. Once she gets to know them though, she warms up and does quite fine. :)  You can read more about Harper Luna on the “Meet the Dolls” page.



HarperLuna-4Do you or any of your dolls have anything in common with Harper? Leave a comment and let her know! :D

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. I’ll be posting soon about how I created the photoshoot of Harper Luna and the piano and some of my before/afters of my photos! :)


69 comments on “Confessions, Updates, and Harper Luna

  1. Aww she is adorable! And is it just me, or does it feel like AG actually WANTS us to be upset over the perma-panties, so that we will all buy a bunch of dolls before it happens and they will make a bunch of sales??

  2. Aww! Harper is adorable! My friend has #53, and she’s such a photogenic doll. :D Harper’s personality is like an exact mix of 2 of my sisters’ personalities! XD
    Good luck on your public speaking class! It sounds really fun. :)

    -Clara <3

  3. I totally get the mass organizing thing, I want to do it soooo badly 😂 Harper is so pretty! And these pictures are amazing!

    Yay Harper! Oooh, and Luna? I like that. (Not so subtle Harry Potter fan over here 😛)
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  5. Aww Harper is so pretty! When I saw the name I was just like, OH NO, IM GUNNA WANT THE NEW DOLL! Anyway, she’s beautiful. And I love her name. And her hair. And everything. Did I mention I love her? Aww, she has anxiety… 🙁 WELCOME HARPER!

  6. *screams* *more screaming* *even after mouth is shut, internal screaming* AAGSJDLFAHSKL SHE’S SO PRETTY AND YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS BLOWING MY MIND I’M DYING OKAY???


    That escalated quickly.

    Ahh, Harper is so gorgeous! I must confess I’ve been buying AG dolls, too. #permapanties -__- ;) Congratulations on buying her! Also, I for one am lung-shakingly hyperventilatingly excited for about how you created the photoshoots and your before/after photos I can’t even O_O


  7. Congrats on the new doll. <3
    Funny personal note on SWR: I saw the previews for it when I went to see "The One-Hundred Foot Journey". When I got home, I told my brothers about it. (I said that I thought their noses were rather out of proportion to their faces, and that it bugged me.) Nowadays, they will not let me go about that show, claiming that "I love it" and that "I'm a Rebel (you say it ree-bul when referring to SWR)". So much that they gagged me with a birthday card that said, "Tess, I was going to draw you a picture of Ezra Bridger for your birthday, but I decided not…never mind." *insert giant picture of Ezra Bridger*. And lastly, there's a highschool here where I live called Lee High, after Robert E. Lee. Their mascot is the Rebel. You have no idea how much they tell me I should go there…
    Really off-topic but slightly funny. Harper is so pwetty. *bats eyelashes and checks AG website just to make sure they aren't having a wicked sale*.

  8. Welcome Harper Luna! Her name is very pretty and so is she! I love the photo of her in the blue and white dress! Also, I just wanted to let you know on her Meet The Dolls section, some parts say ”Tay”. I love to garden too, so we have something in common! 😉 ❤️ Congrats on your new doll!

  9. So Cool! I have to watch a SW for school this week, so maybe I will enter that fandom soon. What is SW rebels?
    Also, I love the dress Harper is wearing! Did you make it or where is it from? How did you pick out her name? It is pretty! What made you choose her? I like your choice!
    I can relate to Harper, being shy and nervous around new people, but being fine once I warm up to them and the anxiety part. LOL! Ref-ing and school deadlines, if you know what I mean. It is neat how you make your doll’s so relatable and life like! Love it! Great post!

    • Thanks! You should totally enter this fandom, it’s an awesome one. :) Star Wars Rebels is an animated Star Wars TV series. :) Remember that photo of the girl with white and purple hair I sent you? She’s from Rebels. :)
      Me too! I got it from They have lots of cute doll clothes. :) I picked out her name just by looking up some names and I really liked Harper. I really like the name Numa too, who’s another character from SW Rebels. I thought it might be a little strange so I made her middle name Luna, which fits her better. :) I chose her because I’d seen lots of cute photos of her and I just fell in love with her! :D Thanks!
      Yeah, me too! :) Thank you! <3

  10. Harper is CUTE!!!!!!! Her name really flows! I recently got a Truly Me as well, but, what do ya know: She has permanent panties! Smart of you to get one before they started putting those on. Will you ever get one with permanent panties?

    You can check out Raven (my new doll) at my blog:
    I have a review on her and Melody.

    Lea’s PJs really suit her. I also love that blue and white striped dress!


    • Aw, thank you so much Jewel! :D
      Aw man, that stinks! :( I’m not sure if I will get one with permapanties or not, preferably not. ;)
      I’ll be sure to check out her blog! :D
      P.S. Thank you! Her dress is from They have super cute doll clothes! :D

  11. Harper is so pretty!!!! And I fully forgive your fangirling…my Samantha is the biggest fangirl in the house XD
    And FYI, you will still be able to buy some dolls without permapanties–all the historicals before the 40’s will not have them. *celebrates*

  12. I’m sorry if this offends you but in “Isn’t she so pwetty?!” it says “Pwetty” not “Pretty” . Also, in “Once she gets to know them though” it needs to be: “Once she gets to know them, though”.
    P.S. I like SWR too, even though I only watched one episode.

  13. Harper Luna and Emma Rose have the same passion…plus she loves her piano Witch she loves to play! They should be BFFS my other dolls passions are astronomy,reading and photography( Claire/29)fashion,vintrilliquisum and violin(Ellie /44)you know Emma rose.. Emily playing the flute,history and scrap booking.kit photography,writing and helping in the garden.ivy gymnastics..Julie basketball. Kaya almost everything. Elizabeth watching movies,being a couch potato.Isabelle dancing,sewing and z stop motion wpew