Getting Ready for School Pictures – a photostory

Kaya and Kanani  were sitting on the Daybed.


“Why is your hair like that?” Kaya asked.

“I’m curling it for school pictures. I have a fishtail braid in the back,” Kanani explained.


“Mommy already did my hair!” Kaya said, turning her head. She had a long French braid running down the side of her head.

“That’s nice.” said Kanani, “It’s very pretty.”


“What’s pretty?” asked Sarah. Kaya showed her hairstyle to Sarah. “Cool!” Sarah said. “I have a fishtail braid.” She turned around to show her sisters.


“Hey guys!” Jamie burst into the bedroom. “I just picked out my outfit! Isn’t it the best one ever? I’ll look fabulous for school photos!”

“Good job Jamie,” Sarah said. “I like your outfit too Kaya. What shoes are you wearing?”


Kaya looked down at her feet. “I haven’t picked any out.”


“Don’t worry,” Jamie announced, “I’ll help you, but first we need a snack.”


She came back with a tray of frappuccinos. Everybody took a cup, while Jamie ran and fetched the accessories basket.


Jamie dumped it onto the floor. “Whew, that’s one heavy basket!” she panted. She began sorting all of the shoes into pairs.


“Okay, now pick a pair out.” Jamie said, resting on the floor.

“How about those?” Kaya pointed to her favorite shoes.

“Ballet slippers?” Jamie blinked, “Um, uh, sure, you can have those.”


Now everyone is ready for school photos! But you may be wondering where Isabelle was. She was eating breakfast with me!




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