June 2015 American Girl Fashion Show


With the roar of the crowd ringing in their ears, Spring and Jamie stepped onto the runway to greet the crowd.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Jamie shouted to everyone. The shouts and cheers began to quiet down. “I am so delighted to be the host of tonight’s Fashion Show! With me is my assistant, Spring.”

Spring smiled and waved, “Hello!”


“We hope you have lots of fun tonight seeing the latest designs of clothing,” Jamie said.  “And one more thing: there will also be a special guest tonight at the end!”

Gasps and murmurs went through the crowd.

“Enjoy the show!” Spring added.

Jamie and Spring made their way behind the stage.


“First up, Creativi- Tees!” Jamie said into her microphone. Her voice blasted out from the loudspeaker.


“Here’s Bethany, wearing a really cute Tee that has a tree on it. Perfect for nature walks!” Spring said.

“Now, for the newest summer fashions!” Jamie exclaimed.


“Wearing the cutest Boho Beachy Swimsuit ever, is Kanani Akina!” Spring added.


” My BFF Jessica is wearing the newly released Seaside Fun Outfit!” Jamie cheered, excited for her friend.


“Worn by Isabelle, this adorable Flamingo Dress looks perfect for her. Coral is really her color.” Jamie said.

“Jamie, can I have a turn with the mic?” Spring asked, “You’re hogging it.”

“Spring, you’re the assistant. Not the host.” Jamie replied, “But you can have a couple turns. Up next, Grace Thomas!”


“She’s wearing an awesome coat with many buttons and ribbons. Her beret is also the latest style from France.” Jamie added.


“This is one of the newer dolls in town, Samantha, and her dog Jip!” Spring said.

Jip barked, as if on cue.

“Awwww,” the girls in the crowd cooed.


“Last but not least is Julie Albright, showing off her new Kansas City Exclusive Tee and Shorts.” Jamie said, then added, “Currently, the shorts are on sale for $7!”

Julie twirled around, and then walked back offstage. Special lights turned on and Jamie spoke into the mic. “And now, time for our special guest!”

The crowd roared, screamed and cheered.


“Here she comes!” One girl screamed to her friend, as she spotted someone moving behind the curtain.

“Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest doll on the block! Meet Darica!” Spring cheered.

Darica stepped into the spotlight. The crowd went wild.



“Thank you for inviting me!” Darica said to the crowd, “I love fashion and I hope to become friends with many of you.”

Darica showed off her dress, then went backstage.


Darica showed off the new Truly Me Meet Outfit, before returned backstage again.

“…. and Darica will be signing autographs at 7:30. Be sure to get in line.” Jamie announced. Then she murmured, “I’m done..” as she turned off the microphone.

The End.

So yep, that’s almost everything we got at the AG store. What’d you think? Were you surprised to see a new doll?

I have many review opportunities now. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


30 comments on “June 2015 American Girl Fashion Show

  1. SOOO cute she get it during Jill’s Steals and Deals or when you went to the store? Also I am starting a doll blog about my 4 dolls and have NO IDEA what the name should be for it!! Any blog name ideas?

  2. Congratulations! I love the fashion show set up and what a great way to show what you got from American Girl! It was an awesome post and I can’t wait to read your reviews on the newest outfits from American Girl!