My New Doll Drawing – 2017



I’m finally ready to reveal my new doll drawing for the coming year!

I really debated even making a new doll drawing. I mean, I really love the one I have now, and it even matches my blog theme!! (LOL) But it didn’t reflect my current drawing style, and two of my dolls were missing. So I decided to finish the drawing I had started in February.

*smiles guiltily*

This drawing is different from the one I have now. First of all, Lea and Tay are both featured in the new one. Also, my entire drawing is colored and arranged in Photoshop.

Here is the final product:


From left to right: Grace, Kanani, Isabelle, Jamie, Kaya, Sarah, Lea and Taylor.

I really love how the drawing turned out and can’t wait to change out my profile picture and feature it on my sidebar. :D

Part of the reason I make this drawing in Photoshop was because I knew I could color the dolls separately and then paste them together. Then, when I get a new doll, I can just paste her into the drawing, without having to redraw everyone else.

This drawing is a lot wider then my last one, partly because I added two new dolls. There might be a day that I can’t fit all my dolls into one picture. But that’s okay – I’ll still draw them, but maybe not all in a doll drawing. :)

Since I drew and colored each doll individually, I’m going to share a few things about each doll. :D


Grace I did kinda in the middle of the year. She was really fun to draw. Her hair was a little challenging, but I love how the design on her shirt turned out. I think I drew all the polka dots on her apron by hand. I picked her baking outfit because baking is important to Grace, and she had already worn her meet outfit in my last drawing.

Just so you know, zooming is awesome. You can add so many tiny details when you draw!!


Kanani was actually the first doll I colored in Photoshop ever, which was back in February. I was still kinda figuring things out, but that was when I guess I developed my coloring style. I drew her in her swimsuit because I knew it would add a pop of color to the picture. Plus she looks good in pink and blue. ;)


I drew Isabelle around the time I drew Grace. I love how her outfit looks, especially her skirt. That took me a while.. Her ombre hair really contrasts her outfit, but I’m glad I put it in. :) I chose this outfit because I think this is one of the outfits from her collection that  Isabelle looks best in.


Jamie is did recently, in the past week. I LOVE her sassy look. Her hands on her hips, her slight smirk.. it’s so her!! I’m glad I decided to put her in the Truly Me meet outfit. Not only is it fashionable and a little dressy, it will also show anyone that she is NOT Gabriela McBride, but TM #46. :D I actually had drawn Jamie several times before I decided on one I liked. I actually drew her body recently, and took a face from another Jamie I had drawn months ago, and combined the two (That sounds a little creepy). XD I like the result, though!


Since Kaya is really shy, I wanted to make her in a position that showed that. I love the color her dress adds to the drawing, which is why I drew her in it. :D She was pretty easy to color. Her belt wasn’t too hard, I just used a square brush and kept drawing. I drew Kaya after Kanani near the start of the year.


Sarah has her arms outstretched to have her arms around her sisters. She is the loving older sister, after all. ;) I drew her in the new TM winter outfit because I knew she would look pretty in it. Medium skinned dolls always look beautiful in light-colored clothing. :D I think it contrasts nicely with her dark hair. The pale blue on her skirt and leggings is really pretty. :) I finished Sarah this week, and she didn’t take me long at all. I had a lot of fun with her.


Last but not least, we have Lea and Tay. I drew these two together because they are such good friends, and I wanted to have at least two dolls actually drawn together. Lea is in a timid position, while Tay looked ready to run any minute. Soccer practice, right? XD Lea’s dress didn’t take me that long, actually. I just copied and pasted the pattern from her dress in my old drawing to her dress in my new one. I think it looks fine. :) Tay’s shirt was a little hard, but not too bad. I drew her in the soccer uniform because Tay loves soccer (all sports in general). Even though the shorts are pink, I think she’ll understand. Hopefully. ;)

And there you have it. I hope you all like my drawing!! I’ll be changing my profile pictures on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc. shortly. :)

Who is your favorite doll?

– American Girl Doll Artist


60 comments on “My New Doll Drawing – 2017

  1. These are GORGEOUS! You have an amazing talent. My favorite of your dolls is Jamie. I love her sassy little hands on hips pose. 😉 My Addy basically has the same personality as Jamie, except she’s secretly obsessed with Harry Potter.
    Addy: How is it a secret if you keep telling everyone? XD

  2. WOW! *drools* XD Those are absolutely amazing!! They look so real and I love all their colorful outfits and unique expressions. My favorites are probably Kaya and Jamie, though Tay and Lea are really cute too. :D

    -Clara <3

  3. OHMYGOONESS day are so cuuuuuute!
    Most crazily, ~Olive

    p.s. It’s supposed to be spelled like that, because I literally said that when I saw the picture. XD

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! :D I love all the details you put into the picture: the patterns on the girls’ clothing… the shading of their hair… their expressions, their poses, everything. I especially love how Lea is holding her lightsaber. :)

    Fantastic job! :D


  5. AHHHHH!!!!!! THEY ARE ALL GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!!! I think my favorite is Grace, or maybe Isabelle. Uh, they’re all just so cute, i can’t decide! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Also, that was a very creative way to do your doll drawing!


  6. AHHH!!! THEY’RE ALL SO CUTE!!! I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the good work!!! I think my favorite is Grace, or maybe Isabelle. Uh, They’re all just so cute!!! Coloring it in Photoshop and piecing it together was a really creative idea!


      • I drew a sad, sad picture of my doll Amanda (tm 55) with her sisters Jade (59), Maria (56), Jodie (23), Amy, (tm 35), and Gracyn (renamed Felicity). I then saw this and felt dumb. You are so good!
        Xo, Lilly
        Love ya! -Amanda
        You’re awesome… – Jade
        HI JAMIE! TEXT ME! -Amy
        Dara, you’re great! -Jodie
        Isabelle I wanna meet you! We’d get along SO well. -Maria
        *looks at me, Lilly* Lil? You’re SO awesome and perfect, (she’s buttering me up here) so please take me to the SBDW place so I can meet Tay?

  7. OH MY GOODNESS ITS SO AWESOME! I wish I could draw like that, ( I’ve said that a million times, haven’t I?XD) I love Kananis hair, and Kaya’s sweet face! And Grace! But, by far my favorite was Lea and Tay. Keep up the good work!

  8. All your dolls are gorgoeus, but my favourite drawing individual is the one of Tay & Lea. I have four dolls, and two of their names areTay & Lea, exactly the same!

    P.S: Which photoshop did you use?