Welcome Rebecca!!

It’s that time of year again.. XD

I bought a new doll! :D

Please welcome my newest doll, Rebecca Rubin!!


(She says hello to everyone with a flourish) XD

Rebecca is so adorable.. *dies* Her curls, people. Her curls. They just… AUGH. I love them.

The story of how I decided to get her is kinda funny.. You see, I really wanted to make a custom doll who looked like Tauriel, a red-haired, green-eyed female elf from the Hobbit. Since she had green eyes, and I really wanted my custom to have a Josefina face mold, I chose Rebecca for my base. When she arrived home, Rebecca stole my heart and I just couldn’t imagine customizing her. So I didn’t. And she’s now part of the Small Dolls in a Big World crew. :) I have always liked her anyway.. XD


She’s so pretty.. her hair is silky and beautiful, her clothes are so well made.. definitely the AG I know and love. <3

Rebecca’s personality is similar to her personality in the books. :) I’m going to expand on it a bit and create her a profile on the “Meet the Dolls” page. :D

She is very excited to start her career as an “actor” and “model” for this blog, and sends her greetings to anyone reading this. :)

Stay tuned for several other surprises coming! :D

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. All you Star Wars Rebels fans.. WHO’S EXCITED FOR THE FINALE?! *cheers* *fangirls* *throws confetti*


63 comments on “Welcome Rebecca!!

  1. When I got the email for this post, I immediately said, “Oh no! Now I’m going to want Rebecca!” And sure enough…. now I want her. -_- XD
    Rebecca is SO cute! Congrats on your new doll! :) I’m working on a custom right now. :D

    -Clara <3

  2. Rebecca is gorgeous! You certainly picked well. ;) Do you think you could post a photo-editing tutorial or an indoor photography tutorial? I’d really like some tips and things for doll photography. Thanks! :D
    ~Grace <3
    P.S. Where can I watch Rebels? I don't have cable, and I was wondering if it was on Netflix or somewhere else. Thx!

  3. Awww, she’s so cute! 💜
    It’s the finale! *gasp* ahhhhgggggggggg!!! *runs away screaming* it can’t be over! 😱
    My mon finished reading the two towers to us, and we watched most of the movie yesterday. its so amazing! *more screams and fangirl shananagins*
    Most crazily, ~Olive 😜

  4. Glad you got a Rebecca you liked. Mine was a bit funny, so I did customize her. Does anyone know why agig instagram doesn’t work anymore? Used to enjoy going on that site daily to see people’s ag photos and customs and now it says it’s discontinued? Thanks.

  5. AGGH. How could you AGDA? Every single time I see you got a new doll, I instantly LOVE her! Rebbeca is so cute, and now I need her…Oh, and my grandma just bought me the breakfast set from your Etsy shop, and I’m super excited for it to arrive! I’ll have to review it too! :D
    ~Sam <3

  6. Rebecca really is beautiful. she was the second doll I bought for my daughter–the first was #52 because she wanted a doll that looked like her. I really wanted to buy her Rebecca though, she’s so pretty, she has lovely clothes, and her Jewish girl in NYC tenement story is my daughter’s family history (on her father’s side.) My mother bought her Rebecca’s pink iron bed when it was on Cyber Monday clearance, and I was glad, as I think the pink bed with white bedding is much prettier than the current one. I’m glad she has a new outfit, I was worried she would get retired.

  7. Welcome Rebecca! She is so pretty! Her hair, it looks like my doll, Cassidy’s hair. She is the doll with short black curly hair and green eyes. Now I want Rebecca. How come whenever you get a new doll you somehow manage to make me feel as if I HAVE to get them. :) Tell her I said she’s GORGEOUS! Ps. Are you planning getting Logan, or Tenney? ( I heard they might be limited to a couple more months) also, does Rebecca have neck strings?
    ~Katherine 🖌

  8. Aww, she is so pretty! I have #61, who looks like Tauriel. I was wondering if you had any indoor photography tips for me? I run the Etsy shop, AmericanCatCreations, and let’s just say that my photography isn’t very good. Even my parents agree!😄 If you want you can message me through Etsy, so if you have some tips, I’d really appreciate it!