Welcome to the Dolls’ House!

Sup, guys? Grace Thomas here. I thought it’d be fun to do a whole house tour, now that we’ve moved it. There have been so many changes around here, let me tell you. Two new sisters, a new house.. Life has been a blur! And don’t even let me get started on school. No, really don’t. I have a tour to give.

So, I’m going to be taking pictures of all the places around our house! We’ll also talk to some of my sisters, and roommates (cousins). This is going to be so fun. :D

Our house is mostly on one long wall, so let’s start on the place furthest to the right and work our way left. :)


Okay, the first place we have here is a little place to chill, read a book, and eat a snack. We call it the Nook.  The table and chair set is from my Bistro Set. :D Spring seems to be enjoying herself.


Spring: What are you going, Grace?

Me: Just doing a house tour for our fans.

Spring: Oh, that’s a great idea. Tell them hello for me.

Me: Will do.

So, Spring says hello. If you didn’t catch that. :P


And to the left of the Nook, is our cousins’ doll bed. That means it belongs to Catlover02. Though Kanani and Inkpot haven’t let that bother them. The bed is an “updated” version of Kit’s bed. You may be wondering why the metal frame is white. Well, Catlover02 decided to spray paint it white. I personally like it. :D


Me: Hi Kanani!

Kanani: Hi Grace!!

Me: Have anything to tell our fans?

Kanani: Um, *giggle* not really.

Me: Okay.

So, that’s our cousins’ bedroom.


Next, we have the wardrobe. It’s been in our dollhouse for almost 2 years now. As you can see, this is one of the more popular places in the house. Jamie and Jessica literally spend all day around here. I think they are giving some fashion tips to Bethany.

The wardrobe features some shelves for accessories and shoes, a clothing rack, a drawer, and a built-in vanity with a stool.


Clothes of all types! I was going to say shapes and sizes, but we dolls have a universal size of clothing. One size fits all, as they say. LOL. Most of the hangers belong to my sisters. My mom (AG Doll Artist) bought a hanger pack, and that filled up the wardrobe nicely. Jamie is pleased.

They didn’t have anything to say.. They were talking about fashion.. enthusiastically.


Here are the shelves that store our small accessories. Most of them are from American Girl. And that dress form? That’s from Hobby Lobby. Usually we hang our purses on it or something.


That middle shelf is Lea’s, obviously. :D


Sarah: Doing a tour?

Me: Yep!

Sarah: That’s awesome. Well, say hello to them all for me.

Sarah says hello. :D


Then, next to the wardrobe we have the daybed. This has been in our house for 2 1/3 years. :) We don’t have bed sheets on it all the time, just occasionally. Kaya seems to be giving Tutu a belly rub.


Me: Hi Kaya!

Tutu: *purr*

Kaya: Oh, hi Grace.

Me: I’m making a tour. Do you have a word for the readers?

Kaya: What?

Me: It’s a saying.

Kaya: Oh. *smiles*

Me: Have fun, Kaya. With Tutu.

Tutu: *purr*


Next, we have the living room! This room is made up of the Comfy Couch, TV and Entertainment Set, and the Sit and Fold Out Chair, all from American Girl. The couch and TV kinda popped into our lives.. Mom actually won both of these by winning the World By Girls contest! We have gotten a lot of use out of them, and I’m very glad to have these pieces in the dollhouse. Along with those, we also have a book basket, and Tay seems to have left her soccer ball in the living room..


Me: Hi Lea!

Lea: Hi Grace!  We’re watching a movie.


Lea: Don’t shout Grace, Bethany might hear!

Me: Oh, right.


Me: What’s up, Pippa?

Pippa: The sky. *laughs*

Me: *groans* Have anything to tell the readers?

Pippa: BB-8 is awesome.

Me: Okay.

Strange. I don’t see how she could be obsessed with a droid. I mean, it’s like a robot. Oh well, to each their own, or however it goes.


Here we have the study corner. This is made up of Kit’s desk, which my mom received as a gift from her grandparents. The quality is amazing! This is where we do our homework and school projects.


Me: Hi Izzy!

Isabelle: Hi Grace! I’m going to work on an essay for history, so would you mind keeping it down?

Me: Sure.. Sorry if I’m being too loud.

Isabelle: You’re okay, it’s just the other girls.. Tay specifically.

Me: Okay, I’ll tell them to quiet down if I see them.


To the left of the desk is my pastry cart! This is where I store it when I’m not selling pastries on the streets. :D The little sign is from the Bistro Set.


This is the baking table. Grace (the other one) just finished a pan of brownies. I’m sure they will be gone quickly.. What girl doesn’t like chocolate?


Grace: Hi Grace!

Me: Hi Grace!

Grace: I was just trying out this new mixing bowl.. It is awesome!

Me: Okay, I get it next.

Now, are you ready for the latest addition to the dollhouse? Hm? Are you?



We got the kitchen!! It is so SO AMAZING!! I can’t even.  So many accessories! So much baking wear! *sighs* I just love it to death. I am going to use this SO much around the holidays. So much baking to be done! *dies*

Me: Hi, Tay and Amaya!

Tay: Sup?

Me: I’m doing a tour of the house.

Amaya: That’s cool, Grace! Wait, which one are you?

Tay: This is the Grace in my family. She wears lip gloss.

Me: Right.

Amaya: Okay. I’m so new here.. I always get you two mixed up!


And this is Willow. She wags her tail and sends happy greetings (barks) to everyone.


And last, but not least, we have the Bahia Berry Smoothie Stand! Josefina is running today’s shift. She enjoys being behind the counter. Chewie the sloth is up on top, offering a smile to customers. That, or a heart attack, when they realize the ball of fluff is alive. 😂 The chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby. Catlover02 sure made a nice menu on it, didn’t she?

So, that is our house! I hope you enjoyed this tour. I sure enjoyed giving it to you!

What’s your favorite “room” in our house?


Grace 🍰

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50 comments on “Welcome to the Dolls’ House!

  1. Wow, you’ve got a great setup! That wardrobe looks awesome! What brand is it?
    Kaya is adorable! Haha, I would never be able to tell 2 Graces apart. XD WOW! That kitchen IS amazing. I can’t wait to see more pics of it! :)

    -Clara <3

  2. That was a great house tour! YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU GOT THE KITCHEN MY GOSH! I can’t wait to see your next post! Go guiding compass!
    ~Katherine 🍰

  3. Haha I do that to my friends all the time XD Them: “What’s up?” Me: “The sky!” XDDD And YOU GOT THE KITCHEN YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! XP Although my favorite room was the living room. :P

  4. What an awesome tour! Your doll room looks incredible. And I love that wardrobe! So much so that I actually just bought it today. 😄 My favorite “room” was the one with the wardrobe, LOL.
    Your dolls are all so cute and funny, I loved reading this! 😄

  5. EEE THE KITCHEN!! I think I’m in love. I don’t have the money or anywhere to put it, but if I end up with $250 I’m probably going to buy it.
    On another note, do both Grace dolls have pierced ears? That must be weird, having two identical dolls with the same name. At least Lea and Pippa have different names.

  6. So cute! I also have been quite pleased the kitchen set! I see Lea found her way home? And Tay too? Tell her She looks adorable in that outfit!