When Dolls Drink Coffee…….

Isabelle rearranged the kitchen to install her favorite coffee maker. “There, she said, finishing the last few touches. Then she poured herself some coffee. “This is great!” She said, breathing in the strong scent.


“What’s so great?” Jamie asked, coming into the room.

“This coffee,” said Isabelle, “I just love coffee. Don’t you?”

“Um, well, I’ve never had coffee.” Jamie said, thinking Isabelle was going to laugh.

“You haven’t?” Isabelle said. “I’m making some more, but it will be done ten minutes or so. You can try some of mine if you want.”

“Thanks, but I’m just going out to buy some groceries.” Jamie said.

“Oh, can you get some bagels? It’s my favorite food, and we’re all out.” Isabelle said.

“Sure!” Jamie said, going out the door, “Bye!”

“Hi mommy!” Mini Isabelle said to Isabelle.

“Hello! I was just going to practice my ballet dance. Do you want to dance too?” Isabelle asked.

“Yes!” Mini Isabelle said.


They danced around the living room.

“Mommy, look at this!” Isabelle said, standing on her head.


“That’s great!” said Isabelle, “but I really have to go. Don’t get into any trouble, okay? Be good!” Isabelle grabbed her dance bag and rushed out the door, leaving Mini Isabelle alone in the kitchen.

“Hmm, what’s this?” Mini Isabelle picked up the green cup that Isabelle left on the island( the table in the middle of the kitchen). Mini Isabelle took a sip.  “YUM!” She drank every last drop.


Unfortunately, Isabelle had forgotten about the coffee she was making. Kaya walked into the kitchen after Mini Isabelle ran off to go play rodeo with Pepper.


“What’s this?” Kaya wondered aloud. She turned the knob and coffee came pouring out. Kaya shoved a cup under the faucet and it became filled to the top. Kaya sniffed it, always cautious of her food, and then took a sip. She almost spit it out. “Yuck!” Kaya exclaimed. She took another sip, and then decided it wasn’t too bad. Then she found herself drinking the whole cup.

Isabelle opened the door to the doll’s house and was welcomed with chaos. “What is going on?” Isabelle said.


Kaya was deep inside the fridge while Mini Isabelle was riding Pepper around the kitchen on the counters!

“Stop!” Isabelle yelled.

“What in the world is going on?” Isabelle asked. Then she noticed the coffee cup on the island. “Guys, did you drink my coffee?”

“What’s coffee?” asked Kaya.

“You know, the brown drink that came out of the coffee maker?” Isabelle said.

“Oh yeah,” Kaya had a sheepish look on her face.

Isabelle knew she was guilty. “That explains why you two are so crazy.” she said, answering her own question. “I’m going to have to hide the coffee maker from now on!”

The End :)