Forever Love Dolls’ Drawing

It’s finally here. I drew this about a week ago (or was is 2?) and here it is!


Enjoy Forever Love Dolls!  You can post it on your blog if you want.

Reminder: I’m still not taking requests. Thanks!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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11 comments on “Forever Love Dolls’ Drawing

  1. You are such an amazing artist!!! So pretty! It is funny how i saw that you put Forever Live Dolls and then i was like my channel name is LoveDolls Forever! 😀

  2. Hi AmericanGirlArtist! You’re so sweet and kind to do all these beautiful pieces of art for people. 😉 I LOVED mine! Now it’s my turn to create something for you! What would you like me to draw for you? (I need an idea!) I can draw your dolls or just a random thing! I’m particularly good at drawing horses, but it’s super fun to draw dolls too! Can’t wait to hear your order!


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