My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 2

Now, where were we? Oh yes, I was in the middle of my Project Friendship Drawings.


This is Neely. Her eye got smeared because I colored it with a ballpoint pen, and I made her too thin and tall, which makes her look older.


This is not from Project Friendship, but from a InnerstarU secret ending online.


I kinda cheated on this one… I traced her glasses and face. :P I’m glad I got the coloring on the Butterfly Dress right. This is from another Secret Ending.



This is on the cover of Fork in the Trail, but it was in an InnerstarU activity book, and that’s how I drew it. I drew this in July 2013.


This is from an activity book, I can’t recall which one. I always remember that drawing 2 girls was a challenge, because you had to draw them facing and looking at each other.


This was actually of Logan, but I drew Sarah instead. This was also from an activity book.


This is Jamie, who I drew instead of Shelby on the cover of A Girl’s Word.


Remember that picture of Neely with the ice cream sundae in the last post? I redrew that, and changed the treats, and drew Jamie. You can also see Logan at the counter, and more treats in the display case.


Here’s another drawing from the ice cream one. I drew this because I was showing my friend how I draw. You can see Kanani eating at another table and Jamie at the counter. :) I drew this in February 2014.


This is Logan and Paige carrying their lunches. I drew this is February, 2014.


I don’t remember what this is from. It’s probably from an activity book. I was sitting on the couch drawing this picture and just a little ways away, my family was looking on AG for a birthday gift for me on the computer. They told me afterwards. :)

Who wants fun, bonus pictures?


This is a quick sketch I did of Pepper.


Here’s Mini Isabelle.


Another picture of Isabelle.


A drawing of Kaya.


And a couple Disney drawings. :)


I am super proud of the way this turned out. I didn’t even spend that much time on it!

Here are some drawings I did was I was 8-9 years old.



Yes, this is the old AG spa robe and spa chair. I drew another chair, off to the left, and it was supposed to be Molly’s theater chairs. It shows how old this is!


This is an old drawing of Sarah. My, such small feet. :p

Oh, you wanted to see my latest InnerstarU drawings? I saved the best for last.


This is from Braving the Lake.


This is from the New Girl, of Jamie and Zoe having a pillow fight. I don’t know when I drew these… less than a year ago, I’m guessing.

I hope you enjoyed the 2 posts about my artwork. I was planned to get it up sooner (like 3-4 months ago) but never got around to it.

Copy, copy, copy. Copy drawings. Draw them your own way. Play around with them. I can’t believe how different my drawing is now, mainly just from doing that. I just like looking at my 2 newer ISU drawings, and thinking, “Wow! I drew that!” It makes me feel really good inside.

I am very thankful to God for giving me the ability to draw so well, and being able to share my artwork with all of you!

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. Play with Silly Putty a lot. Myth: It helps strengthen your fingers, which is good for drawing.

P.S.S. I made up that myth. :) Though I do play with Silly Putty a LOT!


24 comments on “My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 2

  1. I’m speechless…

    It’s all so amazing! :) you’re so gifted and talented! You’re right, God really HAS blessed you! I have never tried drawing innerstar U girls, but now I can’t wait! Your artwork is so realistic. I just want you to know, you have really inspired me. Your blog is one of the reasons I started my blog! :) I admire your artwork and by just looking at it I learn a lot. I now want to draw more because of you! Thanks for everything!
    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. Your artwork is amazing! It’s good to get it out there, and you never know…..somebody looking for a young artist to work for them may see it! Good luck in the future!!

  3. Wow, just wow!! You are such a spectacular artist and have certainly been blessed!! You have really inspired me, too. Thank you for all of the wonderful posts! Now I really want to read and draw all of those InnerstarU books! :)