One Year Ago…

So! It’s been 1 year since I’ve changed my blog theme! I just thought it would be fun to announce that. I LOVE the new look and never want to change it. It’s very modern (in my opinion) and I realized earlier this year that the colors go along with Grace’s collection, especially her suitcase.

Thanks to my mom who came up with the idea of taking my blog to the next level, and to my older brother for helping set up all the technical stuff. :)

Also coming up is September 15th, which was the day I drew my first American Girl coloring page (I posted it here on September 16th):


I colored it after I took a picture of it, so I can’t scan it in black and white, but I still have the original in my art binder. I should probably take pictures of all my art stuff sometime. :)

In one year, I noticed I can draw better fingers, better feet, better legs, and better mouths. Fingers are especially hard for many people, and even I have bad finger days. :)

If you don’t see a post about any new free coloring pages, that doesn’t mean I haven’t put any more up. I post little notes on the “About Me” widget on the sidebar when I add some. I just added 2 new Beforever coloring pages!

Draw on! :)

— American Girl Doll Artist


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