My American Girl “Wishlist” 2015

I know I called it a wishlist, but it’s going to be more like a “likes” list. It’s a list of my favorite American Girl items as gift suggestions for people I know… I’m not hoping to get everything on this list, thankfully. :)

Let’s start with the outfits.

Grace's Pajamas

Catlover02 has Grace’s pajamas and they are really cute. My Grace would like her own pajamas to snuggle up in at bedtime. ($24)

Shimmer Doodle

I really like the mix and match potential of this outfit. Look at that skirt! Think of the possibilities! ($28)

School stripes

I like the high-top sneakers and the casualness of this dress. It looks so comfy! ($28)

Winter White

This looks so warm and fuzzy, especially with that vest, and those boots! This would look really good on Jamie. ($38)

Onto the accessories!

Tweed Driver's Cap

Ever since I saw how much Lovelivautum has used this hat, I’ve grown to like it. I think it’s very cute. ($10)


These shoes can be mixed and matched with so many outfits. I really like the sparkles. ($14)


Doodle earrings! These are great for me, since I love to draw. Grace probably would wear them the most, since they have bows.


More hangars would be great to hang more outfits in the doll wardrobe! ($8)

Addy mini doll

Kanani really wants her own mini doll. Her favorite is Addy, since she has darker skin, similar Kanani. ($25)

Slow Cooker

Ahh! I love this set! I love mini food, and those different accessories could be used for many sets. ($58)

Steps High

Kaya has always wanted her own horse. Steps High is so pretty, but pretty expensive. Plus, you “have” to get the saddle too. ($75)

Sparks Flying

Sparks Flying is pretty cute as well, and smaller than Steps High. :) ($48)

Pastry Cart

I know I probably won’t get this because of the price, but I just had to add it because I like it. If Catlover02 and I had this, I think it would be played with a lot because we both have Grace dolls. :) ($150)

TM #64

And this is my favorite doll at the moment. I don’t have an Asian doll and I think it would add a lot of diversity to my collection. But then, there’s that “job” that has to be done after getting a new doll – making a new doll drawing! :P ($115)

Those last 4 things I probably won’t receive, but who cares? It’s fun to share your opinion, and read others’ too. Click HERE to read my friend American Girl Doll Crafter’s wishlist! We both like a few of the same items!

Thanks for reading! I have also bookmarked this post on the menu for easy access. Are any of these items on your wishlist too?

And as American Girl Doll Crafter said, “While gifts and presents are all nice, Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas. In fact, without him, there wouldn’t even be Christmas.”

Right on.

— American Girl Doll Artist


11 comments on “My American Girl “Wishlist” 2015

  1. Awesome Wishlist! It’s cool that we want to receive some of the same things. :) I wanted Steps High so bad when I was little, but I received an Our Generation foal instead. ;) I love that pink hat, too! You’re right, the Shimmer Dodoe Outfit does have lots of mix-and-match peices. What would you name #64 if you received her?

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. I think that my wish list will mostly include Grace and her outfits! I have looked back at many of your awesome reviews and they really helped me when making my list! Thanks for the reviews! They really do make a difference!!

  3. I love the slow-cooker set, too! I agree that it could be used in lots of different ways.
    I have the girl-sized version of Grace’s pj’s so I might put the doll ones on my list(I don’t have Grace but I love her outfits!)

  4. cool! for my birthday me, my mom, and my sister are going to AG place to get a new doll, it’s the one that is wearing the second outfit!