Retired AG Items I’d Like to Obtain Someday

I love stalking Ebay. It’s really fun, and I feel like I’m looking for treasure, and I have to find it first before anyone else does. There are some things on Ebay I’d like to add to my collection someday, and here they are. :)

Note: This is NOT a wishlist, just a fun list. :)

  1. Kanani’s pajamas. These were originally $24, and they sell for about $5 more on Ebay, which isn’t bad. I love the blue color on Kanani. It goes really well with her complexion.


2. Kanani’s Party Dress. I liked this when it was released because of the strappy sandals. They look fancy and cute. I like the darker blue on Kanani and the braided headband as well. This is a little more on the expensive side on Ebay, like $40+, but I’m sure the prices will go down after a while due to no sales. :) At least, I hope so. It was originally $28, I think.

You know you’re obsessed with AG when you can tell someone the price of an item off the top of your head.


3. Kanani’s Lounge Set. I LOVE the color of this set. The blue is so pretty. The chair looks really soft and it was be a cute furniture piece for my doll’s house. The set was $58 before it retired and most chair and ottamon sets are missing the diary or pillow, and sell for $60 – $70.


4. Kanani’s Beach Outfit. I really, really, love this outfit. It has all my favorite colors: light blue, purple, and pink. I don’t think it could look any better. It sold for $24, and most of the time it is sold along with her paddle board set on Ebay. The swimsuit alone sometimes sells for $20 – $30, but most of them are missing the headband, which I would like to have.


5. Kanani’s Accessories. The little camera is so cute – so is Barksee and the purse! I don’t really care about the paper items, if I found a listing with Barksee, the camera and purse, I’d be okay with that. It originally sold for $28, and most new in box sets are listed for $64. No one buys them though. Barksee by himself costs $16- $25, and the purse alone usually is sold with Kanani’s swimsuit and paddle board set lots.


6. Kanani’s Shave Ice Stand. I think it would be a lot of fun to own this. It first sold for $115 and usually sells for $130 – $160 on Ebay, but some of the paper items are usually missing, like the napkins and menus. If I was getting Kanani’s collection, this probably would be one of the last things I’d try to buy, because it costs the most.


7. 2015 Holiday Accessories. These first sold for $32, but they now sell for $18.50 on Amazon, with Prime shipping. I like this set because the vest goes with my blue holiday dress, as does the bracelet. I also really like the chocolates. :)


8. Sparkle Party Dress. This dress goes along with the Brocade Holiday Dress, which I got on sale in 2014 for $18. I have the gold dress and the red dress would be pretty on another one of my dolls. It was originally $36, but sells for about $27 – $30 (Buy it Now) on Ebay. This dress is so festive!


9. Dreamy Nightstand Set. They had this on the Cyber Monday sale last year but it sold out before we woke up. It first cost $58, but was on sale for $25 later on. It goes with the Dreamy Daybed, so they would coordinate. This sells for about $58 – $70 on Ebay.


10. Storage Tower. This also goes with the Dreamy Daybed. It first cost $85, but now it’s usually $75 or less on Ebay. Well, on some listings that is. I how the tower has shelves for little trinkets. It would be cute in my dolls’ house, but it’s not on the top of my list.


11. Delicious Breakfast Set. I liked this when it came out in 2012. The syrup bottle looks like glass, and all the food is so cute. It first sold for $58, and a few listings on Ebay cost $60.

So that’s my list. I hope you had fun reading it. What’s on your retired item list?

– American Girl Doll Artist





15 comments on “Retired AG Items I’d Like to Obtain Someday

  1. I like most of Kanani’s clothes/accessories too! I like a lot of old stuff, like from 2002-2006. I also like some things in 2007-08. Their clothes looked so much better back then, in my opinion.


  2. I love Kanani’s pj’s! I wasn’t able to get them before they were retired, though, so she has the Butterfly Garden pj’s instead. :)
    The shave ice stand was too expensive(and still is now) so I just made my own out of cardboard.

  3. I think I’d like the GOTY bedroom desk set. It was a white, one piece unit and I think it was Mia’s. I don’t shop eBay though.

  4. If i were to make a list of my favorite retired items, I’d like to get Truly Me #46, the Happy Holiday Dress, and of course, Caroline.

  5. The breakfast set looks great, and Kanani’s clothes. I actually have her swimsuit set, acessories, paddleboard, shave ice stand, aloha outfit, luau outfit, and lounge chair! They’re great pieces to have.