Bonjour! Tutu here! I have been dying to go outside! It is so nice out, and I am an inside kitty. Finally, Mommy (Catlover02) let me go outside under her watchful eyes. She took tons of photos of me and I LOVE posing for pictures!

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Here, I am climbing a tree! We kitties need our exercise! I’m thinking of starting a yoga group for us all! Anyway, that is off subject. More pictures, please!



This is me rolling around on the warm sidewalk, basking in the sun. You humans should try it! It is very freeing from life’s stress. Carry on!





That, is a disgusting weed that I found. At first, I thought it was some fresh, juicy grass. After one bite, my mouth tasted like I had eaten a thousand lemons. Bleah!


I found a very long snake, and when I got to the end, it spit water all over me! Drat! Why do these things always happen to me? I am still licking my fur back into place! That is all! My adventure was over. Besides, I got hungry. It was almost dinnertime. Au Revoir!

-Catlover02 + Tutu

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