American Girl 2018 Spring Release – My Thoughts – Part 2

The Truly Me releases have been a bit underwhelming recently, but AG stepped up their game quite a bit this time, so strap yourselves in, ’cause this is going to be a long one. 😆

First off, the boy dolls. These gentlemen were quite the surprise addition to the TM line, but I think they fit in quite nicely. After all, a few doll bloggers have made customized boy dolls for quite some time now, and I’ve always kinda wanted to make one, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to try something that drastic. These are a much less stressful alternative, I would say. 😂😂

The boys all have modified versions of existing molds, that give them closed mouths and a little stronger jaw line.

Truly Me #74 – $115

This one’s pretty cute, especially his hair, though his eyebrows seemed darkened a bit too much. They might not look like it in this photo, but in others’ photos they look quite a bit different.


Truly Me #76 – $115

Wow, this boy’s got stylish hair! It almost reminds me of Logan’s, but darker. I’m pretty sure he’s also got the rare amber-colored eyes, same as Renae. He has a cute face, but something about it throws me off.


Truly Me #75 – $115


That’s what’s going to happen summed up in a few emojis. If you can’t tell already, this is definitely my favorite boi, and it probably doesn’t help that the Asian molds are always adorable. He actually has painted on eye slits, like TM #64 and #54, and I personally prefer them rather than just the regular Jess mold eyes.


Truly Me #77 – $115

I actually like this one, and his mold looks okay, but I think it’s his hair I don’t care for. He’s still a nice addition to the TM line, and I’d love to actually see him in person.


Everyday Accessories – $30

This has some really cool accessories, especially those headphones. 😍 If I ever buy a boy doll, this is definitely a must. Plus, I can think of a few of my girls who’d love that jacket.


The boys also got a few clothing sets for themselves:


Sun and Fun Outfit – $28

That fedora is kinda cute, but I really don’t know what to think about the outfit combination. It almost seems like something an old guy would wear…


Dino-Mite Outfit – $28

Love the colors, and the shoes are amazing, but the outfit style seems a little… young, I think.

Okay, now to the mix-and-match clothing. :)


Sea Glass Tank – $10

Ah, such a pretty color, and the ruffles add a nice touch. I’m glad AG decided to go a little simpler on some of the new pieces.


Seashell Lace Tank – $10

I absolutely LOVE this color. And the lace… 😍😍 Is it bad that I’m already coming up with clothing items to pair this with?



Sea Breeze Top – $10

So summer-y! I really like this piece, especially the little shiny stripes.


Mermaid Tee – $10

I really like the design, and the artsy-style drawing, but the mermaid’s outfit choices aren’t up to my modesty standards… So this one’s a pass.


School of Fish Tee – $10

This is such a gorgeous purple color, and I love the glitter accents on the fish. I don’t know why they decided to leave the fish pattern off of the sleeves, though… 🤔


Seashell Sequin Shorts – $10

Again, love this color, but waaaay too many sequins for my liking. Seriously, where did AG’s design team come up with this?


Wave Shorts – $10

These are pretty cute, and I especially love the wave pattern. If those pockets are real, I think I’ll be completely sold. 😅


Ombre Waves Skirt – $10

Not really a fan of this. It just… doesn’t make sense. I love the whole color scheme but it mostly has me confused.


Seashore Stripe Skirt – $10

Really pretty skirt, even though the design is a little odd.


Blue Sea Dress – $15

The dress itself looks really cheap, but the color is just gorgeous, and would be a great mix-and-match piece.


Gold Glitter Boots – $10

Love, love, LOVE these! The sparkles are so pretty, and I can think of a few fashionista’s who would look fabulous in them.

Plus, there’s no much thing as too many doll shoes, right?


Teal Sneakers – $10

They’re a little plain for ten dollars, but they appear good quality.


Cool Treat High Tops – $10

I think the popsicles are kind of a weird fabric to use for high-tops, but the overall appearance is adorable.


Lace Print Shoes – $10

I really love these. They look very stylish, but also casual, and my dolls are in need of casual footwear. I mean, they can’t always wear flats to everything.


Criss-Cross Sandals – $10

I actually really like the design of these.  The little criss-cross is cute, and the way the teal switches from dark to light at the ankle is pretty cool.


Blue Fish Tote – $10

This cute little bag matches the Fish Tee a few photos up, which I think was a really cute decision. It looks a little small, but it could be larger in person.


Knit Rhinestone Beanie – $10

Ahh, I think I love this a bit too much. Of course, I love all doll hats, so this is nothing new… 😂😂


Shark Baseball Cap – $10

This would look great on a lot of the boy dolls, but I also think the girls would look cute in it too.


Chambray Cadet Hat – $10

This. Is. Adorable. The style is so unique, plus the little polka-dots all over are just too cute!


Dark Blue Glasses – $10

I actually really like these, even though none of my dolls wear glasses. 😅



Explore the Outdoor Outfit – $28

Hands down, this is one of the only outfits AG has come out recently where I really love everything about it. Gotta love those hiking sandals! 😍


Star-Spangled Fan Gear (Special Edition) – $34

This is super cute, specifically the little knit pom-pom hat. I can see several of my doll rocking that… 😂😂 The tee’s design is cool, as are the silver shoes and sunglasses. I’m not so sure about the vibrant pants though.


Sunny Day Dress – $28

This summery dress is another favorite of mine. I don’t care for the headband, but the overall dress is really nice, especially the silver embroidery detail.


Chameleon Terrarium Set – $30

I’m so impressed with the fact of how original this is! The little case has a warm bulb in it, but just about everything else it plastic, so I don’t think this is worth the 30 dollar price point.


American Girl Snack Stand – $85

This is amazing! I always love the food stands AG comes out with, and this one’s no exception. The colors are so vibrant and cheery. I can see this one being a big hit this summer. 😊


Coconut Pj’s – $25

These are so adorable, and those slippers are to die for! Plus, it comes with a little coconut pillow!!! 😍😍 The patterns look a little wonky together, but they also seem to fit.

So that is all I have for you guys today, but I’ll be back to finish up with the new Contemporary and Wellie Wisher stuff as soon as possible!

What’s your favorite new Truly Me item?

– Catlover02


15 comments on “American Girl 2018 Spring Release – My Thoughts – Part 2

  1. I think most of AGs new Truly me stuff is pretty cute. My sister has already planned on getting the Asian boy doll. I think the beanie is really cute, I can see a lot of my dolls looking zesty in it.😄 But the sunny day dress and the snack stand are really cute too. What would you say was your favorite release?
    ~Katherine 🎈

  2. I just luuuuuuuuuve the mix and match collection! I want them but I can’t afford them. T-T
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  3. I don’t really like the new boy doll collection, but that is just my opinion… I think that if AG is called American GIRL, why are they selling boy dolls? Please no hate! :) I really like the new GOTY though! She’s super cute! :D

  4. i really like TM#75 as well. I have two versions of 54, one has Jess eye mold, the other has the indented eye mold, I think it was first made for Ivy. I wondered about 75 as the stock photo on AG website looks totally different to the live photos people have been posting. Will just have to get one to see. he is really cute either way.
    Love the long stripy skirt, and the lace top and shoes.

  5. I’m not really sure what to think about all the boy doll stuff. I mean, it’s kinda cool AG is expanding the horizons, and the dolls themselves are pretty, but I just don’t think it fits the company American GIRL. I do, however, like some of the accessories and that cute boy beach outfit (is it just me or does it kind of give a Dez from Austin and Ally vibe…) I’ll have to see them in person to form better opinions. The mermaid mix-n-match outfits is by far my fav truly me outfit set. Love Luci’s stuff, although her sets are kind of overpriced. Will probably wait for a sale or something. It’s hard to decide where to spend my money… buy Luciana or get that Maryellen diner on sale! (I mean it’s like 50% off!) Tough choices!

  6. I really like the new stuff! Especially the Explore the Outdoors outfit.
    If I got a boy doll (which I don’t plan on) I’d probably get the Asian one! He’s adorable!
    THE HATS! Sorry. 😂I have an obsession with doll hats as well.

  7. I agree 💯 with you! The sun and fun outfit does look like something a grandpa would wear. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!
    P.S. I’d love it if you could follow my new blog: agbeyourself. You’re the one who inspired me to start blogging!