American Girl Holiday 2016 Release – My Thoughts

Hello guys! Today I’m going to share my thoughts about each item in the holiday 2016 American Girl release. Since I already did Melody’s collection, today I’m doing the Truly Me, Wellie Wishers, and other Beforever items. :)

I’ll start with the Wellie Wishers.


Winter Wishes Outfit – $28

This clearly resembles Elsa from Frozen, so I’m guessing AG will sell quite a few sets of this outfit over the holiday season. I think it’s very cute and am loving the blue. :D If I had a Wellie Wisher I would definitely consider buying this.


Love and Caring Carriage – $48

I don’t see much use for this.. I think it would be better if there were an animal to pull it, but not many carriage-pulling animals live in gardens.. :D I love the flower cover though.


Winter Friends Skating Outfit – $28

This looks like Our Generation quality to me. The shoes look very plastic-y and there is not much detail in the overall outfit. :(


Winter Woods Stage and Accessories – $20

I love how AG made another scene for the WW stage! :) It’s pretty cool that you can change it out. The price is steep though, for only a few cardboard products and several puppets.


Wellie Wisher Books – $5.99 each

I love children’s books. *gives embarrassed smile* Mainly because of the illustrations. :) I know I will enjoy reading these sometime. Maybe I’ll pick them up at my local library. :D They look adorable to me.

Now onto the Truly Me releases!


Truly Me #65 – $115

She’s pretty and reminds me of Emily Bennett. She doesn’t stand out to me though.


Truly Me #66 – $115

I, uh.. *cough* like this doll. A lot.

What can I say? She’s pretty! *sighs dreamily*

I do not need more dolls. I do not need more dolls. I do not need more dolls. XD


Merry Magenta Outfit – $36

I think this is a refreshing change – a pink holiday dress. I like the lacy look and the headband too. Big gems aren’t really my style though. I might end up buying this.. I’m not sure yet. ;)


Gold Sparkle Outfit – $36

This is probably my favorite holiday dress of the two. I do like sequins.. :D And I appreciate them adding leggings to this outfit. It’s more appropriate for the weather during the holidays. :D


Enchanting Winter Outfit – $36

I didn’t really like this at first, but now I am starting to like it. The blue is really pretty with the white. I think Tay or Lea would look fabulous in it.


Sparkle and Spin Skating Outfit – $38

I don’t really LOVE the color, but I think this is pretty. And I like how the blade guards match the outfit. That’s neat. :D Not shown are some black leggings to go with the leotard, but I still don’t think this set is worth the price.


Holiday Penguin Pajamas – $24

*heart eyes* I. LOVE. These. Seriously, these are the cutest thing ever. Tay needs them. I don’t care if she doesn’t like them because the top is pink. She will look adorable!! *dies*


Salon Chair and Wrap Set – $60

This chair looks a little tall to me. I didn’t know it came with the wrap until a little bit ago. I think that’s cool. :D The chair looks like a lot of it is made of plastic, so I probably will not be buying this.


Hair Salon Scene – $15

Excuse me, may I just step inside this scene to discover how they made it? Seriously, I really would love to do that. This is a really pretty set, and I would love to stare at it for hours. :D


True Blue Hair Styling Caddy – $50

I actually like this! The accessories are really cool, especially that curling iron, and the color is beautiful. :) My dolls would like this. :D


Hairstyling Essentials Set – $20

Catlover02 already has the previous version of this set, so I am not really interested in this set. The salon cape is very cute though! I love the pattern.


Gourmet Kitchen – $225

*stares* I think this wins an award for being the best AG Furniture Piece Ever. Seriously. Catlover02 and I are in love!! It comes with so many items! It’s well worth the $225 in my opinion. The mixer is adorable, and all the utensils are just so cute!! *squeals* I do wonder about the chair.. In the stock photos it’s blue, but in the in-store photos, the chair is purple. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what color it really is. ;)


Waffle Breakfast Set – $24

This is a steal for $24. This has similar items to the Delicious Breakfast Set, but it has the best items and is cheaper!! :) I will be getting this for sure. It’s so cute! :D And that syrup container.. it’s just like the ones at First Watch!! :)


Lasagna Dinner Set – $24

I am not a big fan of lasagna. I haven’t eaten it for about 5 years, thankfully, but I probably won’t be getting this set. The only thing I really like is the olive oil. That is cute. :D


Blender and Milkshake Set – $24

Oh wallet, why are you empty?!? And why are there so many awesome food sets that I just must have?? This is so adorable, I can’t even. The ice cream scoop. The milkshakes. The chocolate syrup. The entire set. *dies 100 times* My dolls NEED this.


Williams Sonoma Doll Cupcake Set – $24

Another affordable set! Catlover02 loves this. She plans to buy it for her Grace doll. This set is seriously adorable. The little frosting knife is the cutest. Actually, everything is!! XD


Dining Table and Chairs – $85

I love how AG made the table more round ( a bit smaller)  and included more dining wear! That was really smart. I would love to add this to my collection but I’m afraid I don’t have much more room in my dolls’ house.


Christmas Eve Set – $32

I love the accessories in this but the cookies don’t come off the plate. :( The stocking is adorable though. I would maybe buy this on sale.


Doll Art Studio – $24.99

I probably wouldn’t buy this, but I do love looking at the books at the store. The photography never fails to amaze me.


Shoot for the Stars Bag – $48

This is a pretty big bag.. and I don’t have a need for a bag this large. It’s pretty expensive too.



Maryellen’s Refrigerator and Food Set – $150

DOLL FOOD!!! Why do they have to make me so hungry? This set is adorable. I love the TV dinners, what a smart idea! It goes perfectly with Maryellen’s stories. Plus the fridge comes with a ham that you can use for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and tons of other food items with lots of play value. If I had Maryellen, I would definitely think of getting this. It’s so cute!


Maryellen’s Strawberry Outfit – $28

This looks like a cross between Strawberry Shortcake and Bitty Baby. XD I’m not sure what to think of this yet.. so far I’m not a big fan.


Maryellen’s Christmas Party Dress – $36

This outfit looks beautiful on Maryellen. And I love how it comes with the shrug! :D


Maryellen’s Party Punch Set – $44

I love the little vintage figures! :D They look a little cartoon-y to me though. I do like the punch bowl. That would be cool to have for doll parties.


Maryellen’s Holiday Cookie Set – $38

I love this set. The cookies are so cute!! And they all come off the tray. :D


Julie’s New Year’s Eve Outfit – $32

This is.. interesting. I’m not a super big fan of velvet, so the shoes aren’t my favorite. The outfit looks pretty on Julie though.


Josefina’s Festival Outfit – $32

Finally, something for Josefina! I love how she looks in this outfit. Catlover02 is very pleased with this outfit and hopes to add it to her collection someday.


Josefina’s Navidad Outfit – $34

Royal blue looks fantastic on Josefina. :) This outfit is beautiful! Catlover02 likes this dress also.


Rebecca’s Menorah Set – $36

$36 is a bit much.. The candles look very breakable and the coins could be lost quickly. But I appreciate them making the candle holder metal. :D

There are also tons of new items for Bitty Babies!

So those are my thoughts on the new items!

Check out all the new items HERE.

I have been pretty busy lately, which is the cause for the lack of posts. I have been making tons of coloring pages (I have over 20 new drawings) and I have been sewing for a fall release. On top of that, I got a huge custom order for a drawing of 7 dolls.


Here it is. That took me a while.. ;)

So I will try to focus on having a larger coloring page release to make up for the lack of them in my last release. This coming one will feature TM camping and Melody Ellison coloring pages.

Thanks for all the comments and likes guys. I really appreciate your loyalty. :D CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS FOR ALL!!

What’s your favorite item from the new AG release?

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. Ahhh.. my big package is coming next week!


51 comments on “American Girl Holiday 2016 Release – My Thoughts

  1. Haha, I always try to be the first to like your posts. CLARA IS VICTORIOUS! XD
    I liked reading your opinions! That kitchen is really amazing. :) Your drawing is so pretty, I love Samantha’s curls. :D


  2. My wallet will be empty if I can have my way! Lol! XD Anyway, I really want so many things from the release!! I love the kitchen especially!! Now to convince my parents to let me buy these things……..

  3. *sighs*
    If only American Girl had a contest, where one girl and her friends could play with everything they had, for a week or so… Or even just let her run wild in a store all night long…
    😔 Why must they tempt us?!?!?!?!
    These look so cool… They try to change me back into a child instead of a teen.

    Thanks for your awesome comments and thoughts! I love them so much!

  4. I love the kitchen! Eeeee! Maryellen’s refrigerator is a close second though. Much closer to what I can afford, plus I own Maryellen. Has anyone else noticed that most of the Wellie Wishers have a Beforever look alike?

  5. *Sees waffle set* *remembers she already has an older breakfast set with waffles* BUT THIS ONE COMES WITH THE WAFFLE IRON!!!!! XD 😂

    I like the gold outfit too. :)

  6. Why can’t they have a annual live-at-the-american-girl-store-for-a-week holiday? I mean really, we could just eat at the cafe and sleep on the chairs…..

  7. There are so many awesome things out, it’s so hard to choose! Probably Maryellen’s fridge or the kitchen. I went to the AG store on Friday, and the seat is in fact purple. The kitchen’s amazing!!! :) The penguin PJs are adorable.
    Love the drawing!!! Especially Addy and Melody.
    Thanks for the muffin. It’s delish!
    <3 , IrishAG

  8. Dies too. The KITCHEN. I can’t even 😍. I want it so bad. The breakfast set, the milkshake set, Josefina’s stuff, the table and chairs… I need it all!

  9. so I have had truly me #54. And she has sat there looking at me unnamed. She is the one that looks like Taylor with bangs. Any name suggestions?

  10. I told myself I would refrain from buying any more AG merch this year since I bought a lot last year. . . but this release is probably the best they’ve had in a long while–so tempting! Btw, that drawing is absolutely adorable!