American Girl Melody’s Collection – My Thoughts

Hello everyone! As you all are guessing, I got up super early on Thursday to look at all the new releases on the AG website. And then I went back to bed. XD

However, I was very excited about all the new items and am loving almost everything! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about Melody Ellison’s collection. :)


Melody Doll, Book and Accessories – $134

Someone already has asked if I’m going to get Melody, and the answer is probably not. I do love her, and she is super cute, but I just feel like I don’t have a connection with her. My mom loves her even more than I do, but I can’t say for sure if Melody will be added to her or my collection. I love how they’ve added another AA doll to the Beforever lineup!


Melody’s Floral Fancy Dress – $34

I think this is cute and I love the high-low hemline – very trendy. The gloves are cute and the shoes match the outfit nicely. I wish that it came with at least a headband or a hair clip though.


Melody’s Pajamas – $24

ADORABLE!! Look at her slippers! Those are just the cutest. And I love her hair in braids. It just complements the outfit. *squeals* I love the childish look of the pajamas. :) I might get these even if I don’t buy Melody.


Melody’s Play Outfit – $28

This is probably my favorite outfit of Melody’s. I love the bright colors, especially the blue. The shoes are a bit interesting, but I think they are okay. I might buy this.


Melody’s Christmas Outfit – $34

Okay, I LOVE this. The gold looks amazing on Melody. The lace looks so fancy with the bows, and I just love the entire assemble.


Melody’s Fancy Coat and Hat – $34

I love this even more! In my opinion, this coat is gorgeous and timeless. Even Jamie would wear it. I think she’d look fabulous in it. The price is a bit steep for a hat and coat, but the fur and working buttons make it more agreeable.



Melody’s Hairstyling Set – $22

Melody’s bump hair add-on is super cute! It’s very fancy and grown up looking when on Melody. I love the bow and flowers that can be worn around her wrist. This is one of my mom’s favorite pieces in Melody’s collection. :D


Melody’s Bedroom Accessories – $45

For the price, this doesn’t come with much. The radio may work, but most of the other pieces are made of paper.


Melody’s Block Part Set – $68

The details in this set are amazing! The bingo game, you can actually play! And AG stated that the pies in the jar lids are actually something girls ate back then! :) I want my own jar lid pie…


Melody’s Travel Essentials – $48

This set looks very vintage, in a good way of course. The roses look like something popular back then. The suitcase could be used for modern dolls as well. I like the versatility of this set.





Melody’s Microphone Set – $38

Even though the microphone does play some sounds and can actually amplify girls’ voices, I can’t see myself spending almost $40 on this set. It would probably just be a decor piece in my house, so I’m probably not buying this.


Melody’s Electric Piano – $48

I love how all the notes actually play a note on the piano and you can change how the piano sounds! I think this is really cute.


Melody’s Dog – $24

Little Bojangles!! He’s adorable. And look, he even has the leash/bow on his collar just like Bonbon did! Even though he’s cute, I prefer the Truly Me pets so I probably won’t buy him.


Melody Ellison Mini Doll – $24

I might actually get this for one of my dolls. :) I don’t love the 18″ doll enough to buy her, but I might get this version. She’s so cute!



Recording Studio – $250

I love the play value of this piece! There are so many accessories to play with, and there’s space for 2 girls to play; one on each side. I’m guessing the structure is wood, and I love all the details they’ve added. I like this, but not enough to buy it.


Melody’s Bed and Bedding – $95

This may be historically accurate, that I do not know. I think this is okay.. I don’t really have an opinion about it.


Melody’s Table and Chairs – $85

This set is cute.. those chairs look like plastic to me, though they could be metal.

And those are my thoughts on Melody’s collection! I’ll be doing a Truly Me/Beforever my thoughts post soon. :D

What is your favorite piece in Melody’s collection?

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. I’m expecting a HUGE package tomorrow :P

P.P.S. I have listened to Piano Guys the entire time while writing this post. I can’t wait to go see them in concert next month! *dies*


25 comments on “American Girl Melody’s Collection – My Thoughts

  1. Wow.
    I think that Melody is cute, but I wouldn’t save for her. Unless she was REALLY on sale. So of her pieces are really nice, and I think would work nicely with your collection and other girls’, but Melody doesn’t really stand out to me. I do enjoy seeing another darker skinned doll, however. I think that my favorite piece is the piano, but if I was to buy one, I would go with the baby grand AG offers.
    Personally, I don’t have a very high opinion of the 60’s, and so I don’t really think that it was a great idea to have that as the time period for one of AG’s dolls. Have you read any of Melody’s books? Do any of them mention the problems of that time period? Or is it all sunshine and roses like all the other girls and books?
    I know that this might come off as negative, but I don’t have a very positive opinion of the time period that this new doll is based off of. And to be honest, nothing in this collection stands out to me. The doll is cute, but I wish that it was a different time period.
    Thank you for your new post! I always enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas! May God bless you and your family! Thanks again!

    • I think that American Girl could have sold these items as not part of her collection and sold just as much or even more. I could see these as part of truly me stuff. Could anyone else?

  2. Cool post! I love Melody’s Christmas Outfit!! And the dog! I don’t think I will get Melody though. I’m glad that they made a piano now! And it doesn’t have to be for Melody! <3

  3. You’re going to see the Piano Guys at a concert?!? :O Lucky!!! The new release is cute, though. I probably won’t get any of the stuff, but I might get Melody’s books. :)

  4. Oh yeah melody got released! I think she is really cute. her dog Has button eyes, I don’t like the embroidered eyes on the pets, and I was thinking the same thing! they SHOULD have put like a headband, or hair accessory with the fancy floral dress.
    ~Katherine 😎
    P.S. A big package, ooh, me curious, me vwerry curious!

  5. I went to see her collection yesterday…… and may or may not have gotten her and a bunch of accessories!!! I am in love with her whole collection – except the bed, definitely not a fan of the bed. Also I got the radio set and a PSA: it isn’t like Kit’s with recordings of music from the time period. It gets real stations, which I think makes it worth the price…. even though I did not realize it when I bought it!!! :0)

  6. I have been catching up on your blog posts recently, and am very impressed! The Guiding Compass is amazing, and I too have watched the Star Wars trilogy for the very first time this summer (it’s SO GOOD). I don’t comment often, but seeing as you got to go to a Piano Guys concert, I had to–I listen to them all the time! And I’m sure you’ve seen their Star Wars video. . . :)
    By the way, how was the concert?!

  7. I don’t understand what you mean? Do you connect with any other Beforever doll. The purpose of the historical dolls is to teach young girls about history. So you can learn about how it was in a certain period of time. I love Melody’s Collection. I have the doll and her studio and I want to get her Christmas dress too. So what dolls do you connect with?

    • i know what she means! like love at first sight except its with dolls! i have a melody doll to and i have to admit she is fantastic. i would invest in one if i didnt have it already!

  8. wow my bed pattern is ugly! i’m going to ask my mom for a new one (in all seriousness i LOVE Melody’s collection