American Girl Winter Collection

Yippee! The new winter collection is finally here! They have tons of cute outfits, and new accessories, that unfortunately come with a big price tag too. But like I said, there are lots of cute items! Let’s get started!


This is an adorable dress! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It took me a minute to wonder why I loved it so much. It was because my doll, Sarah was wearing it (of course) and it actually looks a lot like something I’d wear! Since this outfit is neutral, you could actually pair it with some colorful flats and it would still look nice. I think many people will buy this dress. It’s priced at $36 (the same price of the dresses last year). I am glad that the prices didn’t rise on the dresses this year.


This is a cute dress too, but I think girls wear a lot more gray or silver than they do dark blue. It’s nice that they paired it with a doll with red hair. It looks very sweet on her. This too, is $36.



This outfit is so bright. I think they took away the Soft as Snow outfit for a reason. This outfit is pure white, but the old white snow outfit had light blue boots. The vest is very cute, but I have never seen anyone wear sweater shorts. Catlover02 likes this outfit. This outfit is $38


I don’t know what to think about this outfit. The coat has an interesting design. I don’t know if the boots come with the outfit. Catlover02 is considering getting this outfit. She is glad that the mittens are included in the set. This is priced at $34.


This is a very interesting set. Ice skating is a part of winter, so I see why American Girl released this outfit. The chest part on the doll looks plastic. I though it looked like Elsa’s ice dress from Frozen. What do you think? I think this is an outfit that people will either love, or strongly dislike. I won’t be surprised if this is on sale this Christmas. This outfit is $44.


I don’t really love horses, but this outfit is cute. Jessica is wearing it. :) This one is $30.



New pajamas! They are super cute. The top could be used as a shirt for daytime. The slippers look soft and warm. This is $24 like most pajamas.

Onto the accessories!


Do dolls really need a carriage? They made it tempting by adding the cup of hot cocoa. Plus, if you buy the carriage, then you must have a horse to go with it. This huge carriage is $275 (as much as Isabelle’s studio).


This horse is cool. They have never had a horse that looks like this. I think it is overpriced at $136 if you buy the saddle too. One of the other horses is priced at $75 and the saddle comes with the horse.


Isabelle’s jewelry box for girls? I don’t know how many people will purchase this. You can buy one that isn’t plastic for less money. This box is $44.


CUTE! The little bulb is adorable, along with the bracelet. I think that it was included in another set one time, but I’m not sure. The box is a little box of chocolates. I don’t know what the blue vest would look like on the silver dress. This set is $32.


For $14, these shoes can go with almost anything. I think they would sell better without the glitter, actually.


I don’t know if this ski set is the same as the old set. It’s cool with the design on the skis. This set is $42.

Well, that’s all of the items I will review! Which items are your favorite? You can find all of the new items at

– American Girl Doll Artist






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