American Girl x LoveShackFancy Collaboration Clothing Pieces and Pricing

The clothing pieces and prices for the American Girl x LoveShackFancy collab have been released! LoveShackFancy went live on their Instagram page today and went over all the pieces and pricing in the collection before posting the following images on their page. Apparently all the items for 18″ dolls will have super cute floral packaging to match LoveShackFancy’s branding!

I think it’s funny they’re advertising the Garden Party Dress as for Bitty Babies when they clearly have shown it on 18″ dolls in all the other promo photos. 😅

All I have to say is that I will be kissing my dream of affording an adult dress goodbye.. holy smokes. :,) Even the doll sized sandals.. $16? That’s steep. I understand that with the supply chain issues the world has been having on top of inflation, prices are going to be high, but it’s hard to justify purchasing a pair of doll shoes for that much. I was originally hoping to purchase about 5 pieces from this collab but it may be 1 or 2 now that I’ve seen the pricing.

I’m still very excited for the American Girl release tomorrow and can’t wait to see the new in-store displays!

What’s your favorite piece in the American Girl x LoveShackFancy collab? My favs are the Garden Party sandals and the Floral Flutter Day Dress!


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  1. They are all so pretty! By the way thank you so much for checking out my blog and commenting and stuff it means a lot!