American Girl’s New Nabi Tablet

American Girl has recently released a brand new item: a child-friendly Android tablet powered by Nabi!


This tablet has over 70 games, videos, apps and other extras.


Other features include a berry-colored case to protect the tablet from falls,  16 GB of storage, and a child-safe mode.


The American Girl tablet costs $79.99 and  you can order it directly from the AG website HERE. There are more details on their site if you’d like to know more.

To be honest, I am very surprised that AG decided to step in this direction with their products. They are known for toys, and have never had an electronic product (with the exception of Chrissa’s text messenger for girls) as far as I know. I’ll be interested to see how popular it is and read the reviews.

What are your thoughts on this new tablet?

– American Girl Doll Artist


13 comments on “American Girl’s New Nabi Tablet

  1. I Think it looks really cool! I think people will really like it, everyone has electronic devices these days, So i think they will enjoy an American Girl themed one. And I think it will probably sell pretty good, because it’s already back ordered until December 9th!


  2. I think it sounds interesting, and I definitely think parents will appreciate the child-safe mode, but I’m not big on AG doing stuff besides dolls and their accessories. I think they should just stick with that they’re good at. But thanks for sharing, this is definitely good to know!

  3. In our opinion, this tablet looks pretty cool. American Girl probably made it because people nowadays have electronics, so now, younger kids will love to have one made by American Girl. We think a lot of people will be buying this since the holidays are just around the corner!!!!
    Tori, Bella, and the dolls

  4. I think that this is OK. It would sell better to girls ages 6-9, anyone older has or would rather get a regular tablet.

  5. Strange that they released ports of Maryellen’s game and Scene Sounds exclusively to that tablet, but not on the Google Play Store. :/

  6. No. Just…. no. AG has been a doll company for as long as I can remember, trying to keep girls AWAY from the screen and with dolls, not on the screen and without dolls. They keep on adding more and more tech to their accessories, im not a big fan of that. Im fine if they had a plastic tablet for the dolls, but a real-working tabpet for girls????? Cmon AG! You have been a doll company since 1986!