GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Photos

Enjoy the photos!AG 1

AG 2


AG 3 AG 4 AG 5 AG 7 AG 6

AG 8

AG 9

AG 10

I discovered that if you go to the store and attend GOTY Grace’s Debut, you receive a free doll apron! How cool is that?

Thank you for reading and looking! :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


6 comments on “GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Photos

  1. The apron is really neat, but you have to be a kid to receive one. Personally, I think anyone who is spending $120+ should be allowed to get the apron! Side note: Saige’s debut t-shirt was on sale at the Oshkosh, WI AG Outlet store for about 2.00 recently. It’s not a case that they don’t have enough of them to go around IMO. My daughter is enjoying the Grace app today.