GOTY 2017 Gabriela Revealed On GMA

This morning, Good Morning America revealed American Girl’s new GOTY, Gabriela McBride!!

American Girl’s girl of the year doll for 2017 is a poet and dancer named Gabriela McBride, who uses the two art forms to help overcome her stuttering.

Gabriela is the newest doll in American Girl’s line of dolls that depict girls of diverse backgrounds and interests. The doll was revealed Thursday on “Good Morning America.”

Gabriela is described in a press release from the doll maker as a “true creative talent” who uses poetry to help “break down barriers” and overcome her “personal challenge” of stuttering.

PHOTO: American Girls 2017 Girl of the Year is Gabriela McBride, a dancer and artist with a love for poetry.Courtesy of American Girl
American Girl’s 2017 Girl of the Year is Gabriela McBride, a dancer and artist with a love for poetry.more +

The 18-inch doll, which has brown eyes and curly dark brown hair, will be launched in stores and online on Jan. 1.

Gabriela comes with a book and performance-inspired outfits, plus a microphone and pretend headphones. Additional Gabriela products and books will be available starting in spring 2017, according to American Girl.

The series of three books about Gabriela are authored by Teresa E. Harris. The books will chronicle Gabriela’s childhood in a family of artists and how finding her voice through poetry helps Gabriela save her beloved community arts center from destruction.

In addition to the books and doll, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic to release a curriculum program, Express Yourself, to teach poetry to students. The program will also feature a poetry contest for kids to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

The American Girl doll for 2016 was Lea Clark, who was described by American Girl as a talented photographer and animal lover.”


You can watch the revealing video HERE.


It sounds as if Gabriela’s bigger items and additional outfits will be released this spring, which explains the lack of items in her collection so far.

In the photo above, it looks as if one of Gabriela’s exclusive pairs of earrings will be music notes!


In the article, they feature a photo of Gabriela’s pajamas for dolls and girls.


Here is Gabriela’s studio background and bar set, and her dance outfit.



Gabriela will also have a tap outfit, and a microphone set along with a dance case/trunk shown above.

Though I will not be buying Gabriela, I am excited for her release on January 1st!

– American Girl Doll Artist


24 comments on “GOTY 2017 Gabriela Revealed On GMA

  1. Thanks for sharing! I don’t know yet if I’ll be getting Gabriela or not, but her collection certainly looks… interesting. I for one am not a fan of her dance outfit. I think it looks cheap and trashy. The other items in her collection look cute, though!

  2. She’s cute but I’m gonna get tenney and plus gabriela is going to move to the same line that tenney is in and she’s not gonna retrie

  3. I wanted #46 for a while (I’m in love with the Sonali and Josefina face molds.)but I wasn’t able to get her before she retired so this is great for me! When I was younger I loved to write poetry(I still do.) and I’ve often had trouble speaking in front of crowds without stumbling over my words. Although I’m not glad that AG is recycling Truly Me dolls at least they are trying to be more diverse and finally making a GOTY of color. Hey maybe if everyone pressures them a little more we will get other GOTY’s with diverse interests as well.

  4. I really love that there’s a GOTY of color this year, but I’m disappointed that she doesn’t get her own design;. It feels like A.G. is being lazy because if all other GOTYs including those not of color get their own designs, then why doesn’t she? I like that she has interests that are new though, like poetry, and new challenges like stuttering.

  5. I didn’t like her at first, but now that I see her collection I HAVE to get her! I love that the preformance kit comes with a drum pad. I totally relate since I’m a percussionist at my school! I’m hoping that AG has some bundle deals like Lea did so I can get everything!

  6. Does anyone notice that the olympics have to do with what the GOTY is, kinda, i think. Like Lea, the olympics were in brasil. Where did Lea go? Brazil. Mckenna was a gymnast, olympics were that year. Gymnastics are in olympics. I couldnt link the other GOTYs to the olympic years, but this was good enough for me.