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Grace’s collection is a very fun collection, but a lot of it is really expensive. Her collection has many good and bad things about it.


Grace, the doll herself is very beautiful. I’ve heard many people say she looks to much like Chrissa, but she actually has many unique features that make her different from any other doll. Her side bangs are an exclusive look that no other doll has had. Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010, had side bangs, but hers didn’t really look like the kind real people have.


Her welcome gifts ($32) are perfect accessories for her. AG has a deal that when you buy the Welcome Gifts with Grace, you get five dollars off. To me, the only thing that I really like it the beret. A review told me that the flowers are paper. The macaroons and Eiffel Tower cookie are pretty nice, but in my opinion, this set isn’t really worth it.


This set looks pretty well-made. The tickets, and passport and travel journal are really cute and they look like fun accessories to play with. I’m pretty sure that the suitcase is made out of plastic, but it looks very durable and won’t break easily.


I love this set. I looks so fun and goes great with Grace’s collection. The only bad thing is… IT’S ALMOST IDENTICAL TO ISABELLE’S ACCESSORIES!!!! Look at it, they both have hand-warmers, a purse, a metro pass and lip gloss.  Still, I love it and I thinks it’s a way better buy that the Welcome Gifts.


Bon-Bon looks really cute. Her red bow can unfold into a leash, which is so amazing. She is also soft-bodied like most of the Girl of the Year pets are. For some reason, her eyes are embroidered on instead of those little ball eyes. Bon-Bon would look cute either way, though.


To me, this set is so awesome. I don’t know why it doesn’t come with any food, but it hold everything you need for your doll to bake anything. Well, except all of the recipes. It’s so modern that it comes with a tablet. The wooden spoon, measuring cups and stand-up mixer look so realistic and it’s a great set for Grace.


This outfit is so cute. The cupcake printed shirt is very unpredictable. Reviews say that the cupcakes are upside-down, but in-store photos show the cupcakes right side up. Hmm… I love the polka-dot apron with the cotton candy leggings. They go together really well. The shoes are so adorable, especially the tiny black bows. The headband is a nice touch, and will go with many other outfits from her collection.


A sweater with shorts does not really go together in my opinion. I love the little collar on the sweater and the shoes match really well. The headband is also cute. The shorts have a nice pattern and would probably look nice with other t-shirts, but the City Love Outfit is not really my taste. Surprisingly, my sister (American Girl Doll Artist) loves this outfit.


I totally love this one. The pink looks really sweet on her. This outfit reminds me of the Happy Holiday Dress. See the resemblance? The headband matches so well with the dress, and the sandals are great, again, they would probably go well with many other outfits.


These pajamas are the only ones that I have really loved from AG. These are probably some of the best pajamas they have come out with for a long time. I think the color makes the pajamas look light and airy. I also like that they added a ton of detail, like the bows on the slippers and the lace on the tank-top.


This coat looks very cute, but the price is not. ($28) Twenty-eight dollars is a lot to pay for just a coat. I’m guessing it’s made with lots of nice material and ribbon, it’s not just blue cloth. It’s really cute, but I don’t think it’s a must have unless you are like a collector or something.


I think that this is one of the best items AG has come out with. I don’t know if it’s very good quality or anything, but this can be lots of fun and can encourage imaginative play. Girls can get a ton of playtime out of this. If it was mine, I would probably play with it every chance I got. The play food it super well made and makes my mouth water to think about it. It also comes with an apron, which I thing is super usable.


This set was probably inspired by the cover of her 1st book. Grace is sitting at a small café in Paris eating berries, cheese and a crossoint. I think she’s also drinking some sort of soda and lemon water. From what I’ve read, the table and chair are metal, but the menu sign is plastic and can tip over. If they could, AG could’ve added another chair for another doll to dine with her. This set it really realistic and could get lots of play use.


This is the biggest thing of Grace’s collection, which means it is also the most expensive. I think it should be priced at $200 to $300 instead of $500 dollars. I don’t think this will sell very fast, unless they put it on sale. It looks so realistic and it comes with tons of baking accessories and food.


My sister and I have been busy making this food out of clay and having fun recreating it. Lots of Grace’s food includes raspberries and strawberries. The easiest way to make them it to poke tiny holes all over the “berry”. (There may be a post soon about this food)

I have ordered Grace! She will arrive this week hopefully. If not, maybe next week. I will do a post with her profile, along with Jade’s, the new chocolate lab puppy! :)



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