Lea Clark’s Collection – My Thoughts

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be going over Lea’s collection and sharing my thoughts on each item. Let’s get started!


First, the doll. I LOVE Lea. She is so pretty. I love her hair color with her complexion and eye color. I also love her dress. It’s so cheery and colorful. If/When I get Lea, she would be in her meet dress most of the time! I love that she’s $120 like Isabelle and Grace, and comes with a messenger bag, and a compass necklace. The bag would be great for storing her accessories in! Her shoes are a little strange, but I still like them.

I am saving my money to buy Lea at the store. When I do, I am going to go through a LOT of Lea dolls to find the one I want. I have seen many Lea Clark dolls in Instagram and on others’ blogs, and some of them look mad or angry to me because of the way their eyebrows are placed. I am not going to spend $120 on a doll I don’t like, so I am going to make sure I get one I want. So far, on others’ blogs, my favorite Lea doll is Jaclynn’s from Little House of American Girl.

Moving on…


I am actually saving my money to get Lea’s Exclusive Collection. I loved the Beach Dress when it was first leaked on eBay, and I knew it was one of the few outfits I actually loved from her collection. So it only makes sense for me to get it. :) The butterfly clip is adorable and the sunglasses match the outfit nicely. The dress could be worn over a swimsuit as a cover up and the shoes look perfect for water. This whole set is worth $180, so…

$120 (the doll) + $32 (accessories) = $152

$180 – $152 (the doll and accessories) = $28 (the dress’s price)

$28 isn’t a bad price. Most AG dresses are worth that much. I think it’s a good deal because you get a doll, the accessories, and an extra outfit. Well, it’s not really extra because you’re paying for it, but you get the idea. :)


You can add earrings to Lea for $16. I will probably get Lea’s ears pierced because I like the little butterflies and dangles. I can’t really tell what the round earrings are, but someone said they have a flower in the middle. The butterflies would go great with her Exclusive Beach Dress! :)


I love these accessories! The headband is normal, but with a fun pop of color. I love the camera, because I like photography too. American Girl hasn’t had a modern doll camera for a long time, so when I heard Lea was going to have a camera, I knew I was probably going to buy it. It has little loops on the ends to slide the fingers through and your doll can hold the camera! I also really like the turtle bracelet. It’s very colorful and the turtle charm goes well with her stories. It’s called a wish bracelet. You tie it on your wrist, and while a friend ties 3 knots on the bracelet, you make a wish. Then, when the bracelet falls off, you get your wish! In Lea’s first book, Lea wishes that she would have the courage to swim in the ocean. The orange bracelet is for courage. I probably wouldn’t do much with the photos, passport, and Sea Turtles book, but they would go nicely in her messenger bag. :)


Lea’s meet dress is so cute! I love it. I like the one for girls, but I’m just growing out of size 16. :( Though when I go to the store, I’m going to hold it up to myself just to check… I think I’m in denial…:P I think it’s a little pricey at $48, but then again, Kaya’s LE dress for girls was that much.


This messenger bag ($38) has a really cool feature that it can change from a purse into a backpack with a change of the strap! I like the embroidery on the purse, it adds to the value. I probably won’t buy this, since it’s pretty big, but I like it.

Onto Lea’s clothing!


This Hiking Outfit is $34. I didn’t care for it much at first, but I think it’s okay now. The shirt is definitely my favorite part of the outfit. It looks like a watercolor painting of a butterfly. It goes well with her art/photography theme… The headband is exactly like the one in Grace’s baking outfit except it’s yellow. I like the watch, it can be used for many things. The pants match the shirt pretty well, and I don’t really have an opinion about the shoes. I like this outfit, but not enough to buy it…at least, not right now.


This is my favorite outfit in Lea’s clothing collection besides her beach dress. The colors look fabulous on Lea. The shorts could be used for so many things. The shoes look a little strange, but beachy! I love how the shirt is yellow at the top and pink at the bottom. The pattern on the shirt is so cool. Aztec patterns are really “in” right now. :) This is $28, which is better than $34!


This mix-in-match set is $34. My family doesn’t wear bikinis, and neither do my dolls, so I am not going to be buying this. It’s a shame, the rash guard looks so cute on Lea! That dark blue with the neon design is really cool. But it doesn’t cover her whole belly, and leaves a gap at the bottom. I just really wish it was modest. The colors look so good on her!


I thought this parrot romper was going to be a complete flop when I first saw it, but lots of people have been saying they like it! I’ve never heard of anyone wearing a romper to bed. To me, it would be uncomfortable. I really like the slippers, but I’m not sure about the romper. I’m not really loving this but I could change my mind and buy it. It’s $24.

Now, her accessories.


This sloth ($20) is so cute! When I saw it leaked on Ebay, I didn’t really like it much, but I do now! I think it has Velcro on it’s paws so it can hug things. How adorable! :) It would be a great prop for a photoshoot with Lea.


My favorite pet is the turtle! It’s $18, and it looks so cute! My little brother loves turtles so it would be fun if I got this. It would be his turtles’ friend! :) The turtle looks so soft. I just love it. :)


Someone I know bought the margay cat and she said it was super soft. It does look soft, but it also looks a little mad. I guess you have to look past the embroidered “eyebrows” and see the cuteness of it. :)

Here is what an actual margay looks like:


I think the real thing looks way cuter. My mom says it will look cute if you smash it’s head a little bit. I might try that at the store just to see. :) It’s $20. I like the turtle and sloth way more than the margay though.


Lea’s Beach Accessories don’t really look like they’re worth $34. But I can see many girls wanting this because these pieces are important in her story. Lea gets to watch turtles hatch and make their way into the ocean, and she overcomes her fear of being in the ocean and snorkels. So I can see why American Girl created this set.


I’m not sure how to feel about this. It’s $28. My favorite part is the binoculars. I wish the backpack looked like a normal backpack, but maybe you don’t use those to hike… The granola bars are cute though! I like those too. The walking stick is neat, but the set isn’t jumping out at me. :)

Finally, her furniture pieces!


I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, I like the kayak, underwater camera and the life vest, but it’s pretty big and you can’t do much with it except…well, kayak! The feature where you can switch out the bottom is great for imaginative play. This looks fun, but I probably won’t buy it.


I love her fruit stand! There are a lot of pieces that can be used for sets and as props. The blender looks so realistic, and I love all the food it comes with. The bananas could be used for so many things. I love the table built into the side, so customers can enjoy their treats at a table. There is also a little sign that says, “turtle crossing”. :) I thought that was funny. The way  the stand is designed is great for play – one person can play inside, and 2 other people can play outside! Catlover02 want to buy this together. :) It’s $150.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Rainforest Hut. I really like this. There are so many aspects of it that are cool, like the fireplace, table and chair, the hammock, and the loft bed than you can bring down to a lower level at night. All the butterflies add pops of color. I also like Lea’s computer! It’s actually a tablet that can connect to a keyboard. The keyboard has a cord that can plug into the camera from Lea’s accessories! Is that cool, or what?  :) I like the lantern on the ceiling, and the parrot on the railing. I like this a lot, but it’s $395, which is basically $400. It’s amazing how $5 less then $400 can look like so much less! :P

How many of you have finished your Lea coloring pages? I would love to see the finished picture – you can send it to me at agdollartist@ and next week I’ll post all the pictures I receive.

So there you have it! My thoughts, on Lea’s collection. What’s your favorite item from Lea’s collection?

– American Girl Doll Artist


19 comments on “Lea Clark’s Collection – My Thoughts

  1. I agree with your thoughts entirely! Tribal prints are definitely “in” right now. The hiking accessories though, I feel could be easily DIYed, so I’ll probably attempt it when I have more time. When people bought the purple romper on eBay before it was released said it was very cheaply made. Also, you are not saving any money by buying that set so I’m not sure if I’ll get it. I will get Lea though!

  2. I loved reading your opinion!
    Me and my sisters have been coloring your Lea pages – they’re awesome! I’ll be sure to send you some pictures. :)

  3. I agree with Clara-your drawings are great!

    OH MY GOODNESS. The margay cat is adorable!! Also, I had a romper (I grew out of it) that I used to wear to bed everyday in summer. I bought it from Justice. I don’t think sleeping in a romper is too unusual, especially a cute one like that!

      • Yeah. I wish AG would make clothes in sizes for older girls, too. I’m also disappointed that only Lea dolls can get their ears pierced with those earrings, because they’re really cute and I wanted them for my dolls. Lea herself is beautiful, though, and I hope she joins your doll family!!

  4. I LOVE her rain forest hut! I know I will probably never get it, but a girl can dream. I like the feature about the cameras plugging in, I think that’s so cool! Also, how do we send the colored pictures? Is there a way to scan it to the computer? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I enjoying hearing what other bloggers have to say about the latest dolls and items. Yesterday, I wrote a “My Thoughts” post about Lea, too! :) She’s such a beautiful doll.
    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  6. I think the pink stud earrings have the same symbol that is on her messenger bag.
    Another problem with the rainforest house is there is an additional 20.00 shipping charge on top of the regular shipping! 😁

  7. The earrings do have flowers in the middle of them. :) I think her hiking outfit looks way better in person.
    Thanks for doing a review! I always enjoy reading reviews. :)

  8. Hiking accessories:
    The backpack is supposed to be like the kind of backpacks people take to go hiking.
    The backpack pocket fits a water pouch, and a straw comes out of the backpack so that people can drink water but not have to hold a water bottle in their hands.