Meet American Girl’s Newest Dolls -Z and Nanea Mitchell!

Wow. I am in shock.

So much has happened in the past week, it is INSANE.

First, the blow-up at AG about the permanent panties. Customers were threatening to boycott AG, and AG has been deleting comments on their Facebook page. Pictures leaked of a doll with permanent underwear – it looked as if they soiled their pants.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.45.16 AM

Photo credit: agupdatenews

Then, the Beforever collections for the spring release got leaked. Some super cute stuff. Rebecca’s Coney Island.. I need.. ;) ;) ;)

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.49.22 AM.png

Photocredit: agdollflorida

Next, the news that American Girl is making an Amazon Prime short of Julie and Ivy, focusing more on Ivy.

THEN…pictures of a doll with thin, squishy vinyl got leaked. No one has been happy. AG claimed the photos of the underwear and squishy vinyl were either not American Girl, or altered.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.45.05 AM

The doll, however, was bought in Florida, which is hot all year round. The doll may have been sitting in a hot car prior to this. Though my dolls have been hot in a car, their arms have never been that flexible.

And today?

I think American Girl Instagram just exploded. As the rest of the American Girl fan community.

Because AG has 5 dolls to release.

Tenney Grant, Logan Everett, Felicity Merriman.. You thought that was a lot for one release?

Add Z Yang and Nanea Mitchell in the mix.


Z Yang is the Z doll fans have been wanting from the Z stopmotion videos.

Nanea is a Beforever doll from 1941 with ties to Pearl Harbor. She has a new face mold, which I’m guessing will be called the Nanea mold. Nanea also has the classic arms and legs. She has medium skin and medium length brown curly hair.

Catlover02 is smitten.. we may have several new dolls joining us.. ;) ;) ;)

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.34.53 AM

The question is.. why is AG releasing so many dolls as once? Is it supposed to serve as a distraction from the permanent panties fail? Is AG just trying to provide new dolls to raise their sales? Only time will tell.

Though nothing is certain, I believe all 5 dolls will be released this Thursday, some may or may not have collections released as well.

UPDATE: Z Yang will be released this spring and Nanea will be released this fall.

What are your thoughts on Nanea? The permanent panties? The new face mold? Leave a comment and share your thoughts, I love reading what you have to say! :D

– American Girl Doll Artist


44 comments on “Meet American Girl’s Newest Dolls -Z and Nanea Mitchell!

  1. 😱😮😬😐😳😑😒🙄😤😩 all I have to say about THAT. 😶
    1941…..she’s replacing Molly!! Oh, from Hawaii. That’s ok then.🙂
    Hmmmm….. The doll could have been too hot. Not sure what to think about that.
    Ick, felicity’s clothes…😖 Rebeca’s outfit is cute though. 🙃🌭🎢
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  2. Honestly, this is all news to me. Since when were here making Z? Or Nanea? I think Nanea kinda look like a wellie wisher, I mean she probably won’t if she’s next to one though. I love when they release new dolls, but this is crazy! It’s too many. Hold on, is Nanea and Z the dolls that were getting released in April or are they making another one!? I don’t know. And I don’t like the idea that the underwear is attached to them at all. On the other hand, They are both beautiful dolls. Even though these dolls are getting released, I’m still getting Tenney and Logan. *Sigh* I’m still waiting for a doll with archery.
    ~Katherine 🍊
    P.S. Sorry about my long comment, sometimes I have a tendency to comment rant.😜

  3. Wow!! How did AG get her secret for long???? I personally don’t like the new face mold; it looks like a Florrie girl (18″ dolls in Australia). If she didn’t have a new mold I would like her.

  4. Wow. I just happen to be taking my daughter to the NYC AG store on Friday (I have an appointment in the neighborhood and she has a “superintendent’s day” off from school that day.) I can’t believe we’re going the day after all the hullabaloo with the new dolls. My daughter is dying for Tenney, as she really wants a doll with long blonde hair–she has Rebecca, Maryellen, Lea, #52, and has the use of her cousin’s Felicity and Nellie dolls. What she doesn’t know is that I’m getting her Tenney as a Valentine’s present. I told her she could pick something out, but she doesn’t know that means a doll. I’m excited about Nanea. Her collection is going to be interesting, and I hope they treat Pearl Harbor sensitively, and not just as long-ago history.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the collection, and I hope they rethink the underwear thing. What a bad idea. I’m not sure that the average AG doll purchaser cares about the neck strings, I think most doll purchasers don’t understand what they’re for and think they’re a pain. Also, this brings me hope that Felicity will get a collection later on, my niece’s AG collection was largely stolen during a move, all that’s left are the dolls, the horses, some dresses, and the big big items like Felicity’s coach and Samantha’s sleigh.

  5. Z will be released in the spring and Nanea in the fall. It’s still a lot of dolls for one year though. I just don’t know what they are doing anymore, and I don’t think they do either. :(

  6. To be honest, I’m not even sure about AG anymore. It’s like an “only time will tell what they’ll do next” kind of thing. And from the photos, Nanea looks a little odd to me. Pretty, though.

  7. Holy smokes! AG really needs to sssssslllllloooooowwwwww down. I mean, it’s nice that there are a bunch of dolls, but that’s super overwhelming. Some of the dolls are coming out later in the year, but that’s still a lot of dolls at once. :\

    But anyway, thanks for sharing! I AM definitely excited for these new dolls. I think the underwear isn’t very pretty, but I think the intentions are good for AG…my mom says that they’re probably making permanent underwear since they’re making a boy doll. But it still doesn’t make sense that they’re releasing a bathroom when the underwear is sewn on! *shakes head*

    Again, thanks, AGDA! Sorry for my rant. :P XD ;)

  8. So many exciting things! Too many exciting things! Hate the permanent undies! But love Felicity, Nanea, Julie’s bathroom and all the cute clothes being released soon. I need to sell things to afford all this fun. I am really hoping Nanea does not have attached undies.

  9. Perma undies? NOOOO!! How could you, AG!?!
    I’m, not sure about Nanea yet. I like historicals, but her facemold doesn’t look like it represents a real child very well. Maybe, though, she’ll grow on me like the Wellie Wishers did. But the whole perma undie fiasco makes me love AG a little less. :-(

  10. This is so amazing! That said, I feel like American Girl is still going downhill. I was excited for Nanea, but her face mold kinda resembles a Wellie Wishers mold. Also, AG knows we hate the permanent underwear, so why are they doing it? It seems like AG wants worse quality and more money. :/

  11. Thoughts? Get ready for a filibuster….
    If AG really was trying to distract us from the perma-panties issue, they did a humdinger of a good job. :P. Nanea is BEATIFUL, like the Hawaiian girl I expected from Kanani. The new face mould is so sweet – it almost reminds me of Emerson’s. And who knows how long we’ve been waiting for them to give the Z.Crew collection wings? This definitely sweetens the fact that Lissie will not have a collection. Gabby gets a loft bed, Logan and Tenney are NOT dating, and the perma-panties photos you posted are actually a defect. The actual new design does not have that weird stuffing layer. Although I am dissapointed at that, I can’t be dissapointed with a new Beforever that will be so, so interesting. Way to go, AG.

    • Nanea is such a pretty doll! Her face mold does look like Emerson’s, but it is so adorable! I know, I can’t wait to see Z’s whole collection either! Yep, I really think that AG would never make dolls with that shape in their underwear, and squishy limbs. Just a defect! Also, the perma-panties don’t bother me, since you can’t even see them through the doll’s clothes.

  12. Aww, the Z from the stop motion vids is adorable. Tenney looks a bit strange to me, I don’t know what it is, maybe her freckles? Nanea might just go on the must have list. She is beautiful! I’m not a huge fan of the permanent underwear situation. My daughter thinks that permanent underwear is just weird. I have to agree. No one showers in their underpants. Nor do they swim or potty or sleep in them. So why is there suddenly no choice for the dolls? It seems that AG is trying to cut corners to me. There is no more need to make separate undies when they are built right into the doll. That means less cost for them, yet they still charge us the same prices. That just doesn’t sit right with me.

    ginnie /

  13. I am obsessed with Nanea! Although her face looks like a Wellie Wisher I still love her and I can’t wait to get her when she is released in the Fall! I’m planning on getting Felicity at some point so that I can finally have a Best Friends set since I already own Elizabeth and I kinda want Tenney but I’m not sure about Logan I’m not really a fan of Z since she ‘s so similar to the #64 that I got for Christmas last year and I already have Gabriela. I’ll wait until there are reviews for Tenney before I decide if I want her or not. I also want to get her before they start rolling out the permapanties for her. Which AG said that they are planning to do at some point. I’ll have to make a decision soon though because my AG Rewards certificate expires soon and I really want to use it. :(

  14. Not wild over Z Yang, but I’m also smitten with the other 4! Love them and hope to add them to my ever growing collection! Tenney has got to be my favorite (since I already own Felicity!) But I love her new meet outfit!

  15. I want Nanea, but if she is the one with the squishy skin, no. If all the dolls get squishy skin, I’m done. And her face mold looks like a wellie wisher.
    Tenney- Another blonde. Bleh.
    Logan- I really don’t know what to say.
    Lissie- She’s one of the only good things to come out of AG lately.
    Z- It’s just #64 in a different outfit.

  16. AG has resorted to banning people who post about the squishy vinyl. More people have posted about getting a doll with squishy vinyl since the original post on Facebook. Not only that, but AG accused the person whose picture of the squishy vinyl was originally posted of lying, despite the fact that the company had already sent her a replacement doll. They have refused to post an apology and banned people who posted that they owed the person an apology. They have also started banning people who post Gabriela’s treatment compared to Tenney’s appears racist and who complain more than once about AG’s declining quality. They actually THANKED people who posted mocking comments about people complaining about the permapanties and refused to remove the mocking comments. So, yeah, I think the new releases are SUPPOSED to make people forget about their blunders. But for many of us, it doesn’t make up for AG’s disrespect of customers and declining quality so AG has lost us as customers.

  17. I think nanea is cute, but the face mold looks a lot like a wellie wishers… Also, perma panties are an issue. This is part of what Mattel is doing to make AG go downhill.

  18. I am buying Tenney & Logan on March 4, and as soon as the other 2 girl dolls come out in spring & fall, I will get them also, are you going to be working on another boy doll in the future

  19. I’m so angry about the panties. If that does happen, i’m stopping and moving on to collecting other things. I don’t belive AG has come to it. They know how many people would be angry, they’re smarter than this.

    About this whole ” squishy ” picture ” I can almost promise it’s fake. They could have just blow dried it, or left it in hot weather.

    Nanea: I really, really like that they’re finally adding a Hawaiian figure.

    Tenney & Logan: They didn’t really turn out to great. Although, alot of people are really fond of Tenney. I’m not a big fan. As for Logan, he has this so called ” Squishy ” plastic everyone is complaining about.

    Honestly, If Nanea or Z have this kind of plastic i’m not getting them either.
    Z: I like the idea of a Asian figure. There’s not any Asian dolls with a real background. That is, unless you count Ivy. Alot of people know her from her YouTube stop motions! I think it’s cute they’re adding her as a doll.

  20. Nanea is cute…I used to live in HI so am excited about that but Marie Grace mold didnt do well…when AG strays from their tried and true it seems to fail.

  21. I am horrified by the permanent underwear! (And so are my granddaughters) How cheap! Even the new doll boxes look cheap, like dolls displayed in a discount store. The poor reviews of Z are no longer on the AG website. They’ve been dropped and her overall rating has improved as a few more positive reviews posted. I think the quality of the dolls has declined. That is so sad for all of us who have enjoyed this entire line of dolls. I’d never buy a Wellie Wisher as they look so cheap and gaudy. Again, a discount store a doll. I hope AG listens to our concerns! I’ll turn to eBay to buy the former dolls
    WITHOUT permanent underwear!