My Thoughts: Maryellen and her Collection

Yippee! She’s finally here! I (American Girl Doll Artist) am going to share some of my thoughts on her collection!

maryellen 2

Maryellen is so beautiful! I love her curly hair, her bangs… She is just so cute! I also love her meet outfit. It reminds me of lollipops. Her gloves look so dainty, as does her pearl necklace. Her purse is pretty cute too. I am really excited about her books. I don’t think AG has had a new Beforever series since 2011… I will watch my library shelves in hopes of finding her books!

Samanthalover has already called Maryellen. I won’t be buying her. :)

dress for girlsThis is sooo cute! I love the candy colors! I probably won’t get this, but I do love it!


I think this is pretty cool! You can actually fit an iPad into it! $85 is a lot though. :\


Maryellen looks pretty cute in this. It is priced on the high side: $60.


Scooter looks pretty nice, but I’m not a big fan of embroidered eyes. They show a decrease in American Girl’s quality.

School dress

Purple looks good on Maryellen. I like this dress. It suits her well. The shoes look similar to Samantha’s meet shoes. :) This dress is $32.

Poodle Skirt

I think this is my favorite dress from Maryellen’s collection. It looks so pretty on her. I think this is a must-have for everyone who has Maryellen.

Poodle dress

I think this is cute too. I probably won’t get it (since I won’t get the dress to match) but I do like it! This dress for girls is $58.

Play outfit

I almost think this looks like some retro outfit girls could wear today! This is $28. I like the little cherries.

Maryellen pjs These pajamas are interesting. I’m not sure what I think of them. They are $24.

Maryellen birthday dress

I think this looks really good on Maryellen. I love the tulle and the little rose. This is $34.

living room

For $58, this doesn’t come with much. I guess the price depends on how sturdy the table is.


I think this is pretty cool! I love that it lights up, and can play old and modern music. That is, if you plug in your media player. :) I wouldn’t pay $90 for it though.

hairstyling set


I don’t really know about this one… The curlers are pretty strange-looking. At least the set includes a paper on how to use them! This set is $20.


I love this! I love the corner booth, the food, the stools at the counter! It’s so cute! $275 is a lot of money, but I still like it. The colors are so fun, and it makes it pop. :)


I still don’t think $150 is a good price for this. Sure, it folds out, and can fit 2 dolls, but I think it would sell better priced at $115 or lower.

Classroom set

This is $40. I don’t think it comes with much. I probably won’t buy it.

That’s all for now. As you may know, I’m not buying Maryellen, or any of her collection. Samanthalover is really excited and wants to save for her. :)

— American Girl Doll Artist



7 comments on “My Thoughts: Maryellen and her Collection

  1. Oh my gosh I’m soooo excited about Maryellen! I love almost everything in her collection, especially the poodle skirt and jukebox! The pj’s are a little strange in my opinion, though. :/
    By the way, the last historical character they released was Caroline, in 2012. :)

  2. I love her diner!!! But it’s WAY to expensive! I am just going to buy the our generation diner and repaint it and add a kitchen on and maybe make another booth like the one in Maryellens diner

  3. So my dad works right down the street from American girl Chicago! He went to the store for me and took some pictures of the stuff and got the free gift for me!!!!!!!

  4. wow ! I am A Lot behind on your blog. We have been so busy,
    I think I will be saving up for Mary Ellen. She i my favorite now, Like Hazel when I saw her and I was even convinced i would not like Mary Ellen.( though I will re name her) My sewing machine is clicking here to save up for her.