My Thoughts on American Girl GOTY 2022 Corinne Tan’s Collection

Hi friends! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Girl of the Year 2022, Corinne Tan, and her collection. She has so many beautiful outfits and accessories, I’m excited to go over each and every one. Let’s get started!

First off, it makes my heart happy to see diversity in the Girl of the Year line. I’ve been lucky to see many GOTYs during my time as an AG fan that look like me, but I know others can’t say the same. America is filled with so many different kinds of people and I believe it’s something we should celebrate. Corinne Tan is a step in the right direction for American Girl, and I am so excited to see her join the Girl of the Year lineup. :)

Also, I would just like to say that the older I get, the further and further my personal style strays from that of American Girl’s target audience. I’ve come to accept that nothing American Girl comes out with will be like something I would wear in real life, and that’s okay! I will be sharing my thoughts on Corinne’s collection (and future collections) nevertheless. :)

Corinne Doll and Book – $110

I love Corinne. I’m a HUGE fan of her new face mold. I think the painted on eyelashes really work on Corinne and accentuate her beautiful eyes. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the color in her hair. I personally find it hard to style, but after seeing lots of AGIGERS (American Girl Instagrammers) match Corinne’s hair to different outfits, it’s growing on me! I think it’s something I could work with. :)

Corinne’s Accessories – $35

My favorite piece in Corinne’s accessories is the backpack. It’s so fun!! I think this set is a little expensive for what’s included, but I really like the colors and how well they go with Corinne’s meet outfit.

Corinne’s Dog with Backpack – $35

Corinne’s dog, Flurry, is the cutest! I love the little accessories they included, specifically the ball and ball thrower toy. I’ve used one of these when I was playing with a friend’s black lab, and it was so fun. I think it’d make a great photoshoot prop too. :)

Corinne’s Ski Outfit – $38

This ski outfit is so cute! I would’ve loved wearing an outfit like this at Corinne’s age. The colors are so playful and I absolutely love the fur on the hood and sleeves of her coat.

Corinne’s Ski Accessories – $44

I’m obsessed with Corinne’s Ski Accessories. The design on the skis is so fun and I love how they included stickers so you can customize different pieces in the set. I’m just wondering about the goggles.. they look like they’re opaque. I hope Corinne won’t have too much trouble getting safely down the slopes. 😂

Corinne’s Casual Outfit – $34

The pieces in this set are adorable. I mean.. look at the jacket. Need I say more?? I definitely wore similar leggings when I was younger, and the t-shirt looks like a great mix and match piece. The boots are giving me Luciana vibes though. Anyone else? :)

Corinne’s Ice Skating Accessories – $24

I’m loving this set! The little scarf and mittens are adorable and the price point isn’t bad either. I’ve always wanted a doll-sized pair of ice skates, so this may become a part of my collection sometime this year. :)

Corinne’s Powder Blue Pajamas – $24

I think I love Corinne’s hairstyle in this photo even more than the pajamas! I love the design and overall color scheme of this outfit, but am slightly confused as to why they decided on shorts instead of pants. Corinne lives up in the mountains, and I assume it gets cold inside sometimes too. American Girl probably wanted to use less material and save on fabric costs, but it seems a little out of place for Corinne.

Gwynn Doll – $65

Gwynn is just the cutest. I love how they included her in Corinne’s collection and intertwined their stories as much as they did. I appreciate that she doesn’t look exactly like Emerson the Wellie Wisher, which was rumored to be true mid-late 2021. Her meet outfit is super adorable as well.

Gwynn’s Accessories – $25

Gwynn’s Accessories match her meet outfit so well. Any young girl I know would be ecstatic to have a sequin bag like hers, along with fuzzy pink mittens. I love how they made the beret match Gwynn’s boots too. We love to see consistency!

Gwynn’s Ice Skating Performance Outfit – $28

Okay, this outfit is ADORABLE. I appreciate that they included the skates instead of trying to sell them separately, and included a little hair piece as well. So fun!!

Gwynn’s Powder Pink Pajamas – $22

Long pajamas pants; we love to see it! I love how the pajama fabric design resembles the leggings in Corinne’s casual outfit. The continuity between the different sets and outfits in Corinne’s collection really pulls everything together!

Corinne’s Ski Lodge Fire Pit – $85

Not a fan of all the plastic in this set, and I would’ve liked to see two benches or one longer bench, but the concept is still very cute! I love the hot cocoa mugs and little blanket. :)

Corinne’s Ski & Snack Shop – $150

This is giving me Lea Clark’s Fruit Stand vibes, haha. I could be wrong but from what I’ve heard, the base of this stand is wood, and that makes me really happy. I love the little snack food items and display cases as well. Anything with miniature food gets a thumbs up from me!

Corinne and Gwynn’s Bedroom Set – $350

Another sturdy, quality wood piece from American Girl! This bedroom set reminds me of a TV show my family would watch sometimes, where families in hard times would get their homes remodeled or made from scratch and the kids would get AMAZING themed bedrooms. I can’t even remember what the show was called, but this set kinda looks like one of those bedrooms. :) With the hanging ski lift chair, the entertainment console and shelves, this set has so much play potential, especially when you consider how it folds up and turns into a ski slope! I would never have the room for this, but absolutely love it.

That about sums up my thoughts on Girl of the Year 2022, Corinne Tan! What is your favorite piece(s) from her collection? :)


11 comments on “My Thoughts on American Girl GOTY 2022 Corinne Tan’s Collection

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :) I agree, there are a lot of cute pieces in her collection and I like how they all tie together too. I think I would’ve really loved Corinne and her collection as a kid because of all the brightly colored outfits and the fact that she has dyed hair since I always wanted to dye my hair a fun color as a kid. Also the comment on the ski goggles cracked me up xD I would imagine it’d be pretty difficult to ski with opaque goggles on! 😂

  2. i think Corinne and her set are wonderful! Like you I’m not 100% in on her clothes, especially the short PJs – cute but not practical. Love the bedroom, but it’s out of my budget. :-) Same with the fire pit and snack shack.

  3. If you are thinking about the ski set, save your money. I couldn’t even get the boots on to my dolls feet, no matter how I tried, I thought I was going to damage the doll. Mine are going back. I also got the outfit which is ADORABLE, the pj’s which are cute and Flurry who is so huggable. At least it wasn’t a total bust, but so disappointed because I thought the ski set looked great.