New American Girl Releases!

My friend just told me yesterday that American girl had some new items. She was right, and they had tons! I copied a few pictures to my computer and here’s what I think of the new releases!


I think this outfit is cute! The skateboard is a little too funky for me, but I’ve never liked skateboards anyway. The place where the dolls put her  feet looks like the doll could fall right off. I don’t know if this is true, I’m just guessing.


I like this outfit too. It’s $38, probably because it has the jacket, and a T-shirt underneath. I love the shoes. They have little silver hearts all over them.


The skirt is adorable on this outfit. The shirt is nice, but Coconut looks a little silly with glasses. The shoes don’t look like they match either.


I’m sure Kaya would love this outfit! The moccasins are so cute and so is the shirt. The belt reminds me of Isabelle’s that goes with her metallic dress.


I like these pajamas. The pajamas look like something I would actually wear. The color of the top is cool with the flower design. I like the slippers too. They are always my favorite part of the pajama sets.


Did you wonder why American girl put so many items on sale? They were getting ready for the new releases: A new hiking outfit, tent and accessories.

I don’t like this tent as much of the other one, but this one isn’t bad. This one just doesn’t look as realistic as the other one did. The new one is more money, and it comes with only a lantern. The other one came with a granola bar, a lantern and one other thing I don’t remember.


I got the Dreamy Daybed just in time! I think this is okay, but it’s even more money ($175) than the Dreamy Daybed ($95) and the sheets still don’t come with it! Also, stickers to put on a bed? I don’t know of anyone who does that.


I don’t have any of the highlights, but maybe I will someday. They would look very, very cool in Isabelle’s light-colored hair!


New backpack set! It’s called the Doodle Backpack. I like this, but I liked the old one better. It had better colors.


Yippee! A new outfit for Isabelle! The shoes are detailed, and so it the dress. It’s $36 and her other Performance set is $38. I think it’s a little overpriced, but I still like it.


Isabelle also has a makeup set. I love the details and the brush. I love everything about this. I think it is a good price: $36, considering that a food set with fewer items is $58.


American Girl has redone their whole My American Girl pet line. This cat is adorable (I’m pretty sure my sister is planning on getting it. She already has Tutu, Praline, Coconut, and Inkpot). I love that you can pose the pets and that their toys can stick to the pets’ mouth by a magnet.


The pets don’t have names. I don’t really care, but the names were always cute. This looks like Honey, the golden retriever.


Although it doesn’t have a name, I’m sure everyone who buys this will name it Coconut. Coconut’s a classic!


This is the new My American Girl doll. She looks like Saige. I think she is very pretty, but I probably won’t add her to my doll family. I hope American Girl changes the meet outfits soon. They had this one for 2 years.

Go to the American Girl site to view all of the new items, including a 3-in-1 ring set, 2 new watches, dozens of pet outfits and accessories, a new karate outfit and more!

Comment your favorite items and why! :)



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  1. Wow, I did not see half of this stuff. I love a lot of the new items, but some are pricey. Thanks for telling us about them. Do you think they will come out with a new historical character soon?

  2. How would you recommend displaying AG dolls? I have had mine stand on my dresser, but they have had some unfortunate falls. How would you suggest doing mini Cecile’s curls?