NEWS: Truly Me Bundle Sale

American Girl is having another sale! This time, it’s another Truly Me Bundle sale. You buy a Truly Me doll, a canopy bed and the Petals and Plaid PJ’s.


Yes, there is a new canopy bed. It’s really cute, and I wish I could buy it separate. The teal color is really nice with the cool bedding. It’s only available through March 22nd.


Here’s a closer look at the canopy bed. I love the ruffles on the bottom, it makes the bed look elegant. The bed is made out of metal. I’m wondering is you can untie the bows and make the canopy cover the whole bed. But I guess it would look kind of like mosquito netting, wouldn’t it. XD





– Catlover02

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  1. That doll and bed are super CUTE!

  2. I love the bed! I hope they decide to keep it after the sale is over.

  3. Emily Anderson says

    I think that the bed is nice…. but I think it needs something…..

  4. Me too. 🙂 That would be awesome, though they’d probably overprice it.

  5. Cheryl Dizmang says

    I thought it was darling so I just had to order my granddaughter first Truly Me doll and Grandma will keep it till she gets a little older. Love your heads up! Thx

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