Spring 2016 American Girl Releases – My Thoughts

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to go over the new spring releases!


Spring Breeze Dress Set – $32

I love this. The color is so refreshing and it just looks so comfy. For the doll, that is. :) I love the fact that you can take off the mesh on the top so it looks casual. The leggings could be used for mixing and matching. I love everything about this!


Sprinkles Outfit – $30

I’m not sure what I think of this outfit yet. I do like the jelly shoes, they’re perfect for playing on the beach. I think the shirt and capris are cute, but they don’t stand out to me too much. I do like that the set comes with a bracelet and a unique hair tie.


Tennis Outfit – $34

I like the dress of this set but $34 is a lot to pay if I only like the dress. The tennis ball looks real though!


Blossoms and Bows Outfit – $28

My little sisters with Bitty Babies are loving the new releases!


Bitty’s First Easter – $28

Even though I don’t have a Bitty Baby, I think this is really cute. I like the pastel colors and on the back of the onesie is a little bunny tail! :)


Daisy Petals Outfit for Dolls – $26

I think this outfit too looks really refreshing and perfect for springtime.


Daring Dots Swimsuit – $26

I  think this is cute. I did wonder why Truly Me dolls didn’t get another swimsuit like they do every year.

Time for the Furniture and Accessories.spring7

Fun Floral Boots – $16

I can’t see these matching many outfits. I mean, they’re cute with the doodles and I love the color of the laces, but they’re a little crazy.


Woven Flower Purse for Dolls – $10

I don’t really think I’ll get this, but I think it’s cute! I love how it matches the color scene of the Spring Breeze dress.


Striped Sunglasses – $10

I think these are cute, but they don’t really call to me. ;)


Ice Cream Cart – $85

Ice Cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream? :) It’s a little pricey, but everything is so cute! And do you know the best part? It’s got my signature font on the front! You can see for yourself HERE. Isn’t that cool? Every time I see the font I have, I say, “My font!” :) I’ve seen it before on another Etsy shop and at coloring books at Barnes and Nobles. :)


I’m really excited about all the new books they released. This is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to read it.


I am curious how this book is going to be. I’d like to read it sometime, but I don’t feel like I have to get it right away like I did with Grace’s. I wonder if Camilla’s into photography as well! :)

There is also a new PWP online AND in stores! I’ve never known AG to do that before. Usually they just have an outfit for online, and another for in stores. I’m not crazy about this one though. It’s a little strange to me.


You can view all the new items HERE.

I was surprised that AG didn’t release many new clothing sets and accessories. I’m hoping they’ll release Beforever LE sets in March along with even more summer sets.

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite item?

– American Girl Doll Artist


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