The Beforever Collection

Beforever came out today! American girl sure released a lot of items. BEWARE! Some of the items are SUPER expensive! Though I like a lot of the items,I prefer the My American Girl and Girl of the Year collections better. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with what I think. Everyone has their own opinions. :)

BKD28_main_2First up, we have Samantha, who was just released. I love that her hair looks so silky. I think her bangs look shorter than the older version of Samantha, but I don’t know for sure. Samantha has so much pink. It’s in almost everything in her collection. Other people may love it, and others will dislike it. The Samantha doll and book set is $115. All of the Beforever dolls are 5 dollars more than they used to be.


This is Mini Samantha. American Girl changed the mini dolls. They changed the way they paint on the face. Mini Samantha is pretty cute, but Mini Isabelle would probably be jealous. :) Mini Samantha is $25.


Next up, we have Julie! I know Julie isn’t new, but her outfit is. I think it’s so cute, especially the peace top and the vest. It’s sold separately for $36. All the other new meet outfits are sold separately for the same price.


I love this outfit even more! The sweater and skirt look so comfortable. The shoes are velvet and the skirt is actually a tank top and skirt in one piece. It could be used as a dress!


I don’t LOVE this, but I don’t dislike it either. The blue is a pretty color.


This is Julie’s holiday outfit. It’s way different from her old one. It’s $34. Have you noticed that the prices keep on going higher? One of these days, most outfits are going to be sold at $45 each!


This is Addy’s school dress. I thinks it’s pretty. It’s supposed to resemble the one she wore to the spelling bee at school. In the old books, the outfit was a much darker blue, not light blue. Oh well.


This outfit is so cute. The rich blue color goes really well with Addy’s dark skin. Like all the other meet outfits, this one is $36.


Caroline looks like she’s playing dress up. Who is she pretending to be? Elsa from Frozen! This dress is $36.


I like this outfit inspired by Kaya for girls. The sweater looks like something Saige would wear and I like the skirt. The whole outfit together is $142 dollars! That is way too expensive. They have more girls’ clothing on their website.  Onto the accessories.



This is Julie’s egg chair. It costs $100. It’s so expensive because you can plug your MP3 player into it and it plays music. Speakers are built into the side. I think it’s strange that they would put speakers into the chair.

BKD67_main_2This is Julie’s snack set. It’s $50 dollars! It only comes with 8 items. This set should be priced at $20.


Samantha has an ice cream parlor! I love this set. The ice cream scoops look so realistic. Everything is so detailed, right down to the cash register. Unfortunately, it’s priced at $300. :(


Samantha also has a bicycle in her collection. More pink. I’m not saying that I don’t like pink; it’s my favorite color. It’s just that there’s so much of it.  The flowers in the basket add a nice touch. I wonder if the gears in the bicycle really work. It’s $115.




This bed for Samantha is $150. It is very fancy and detailed. I think it’s worth $150.


Kaya only got one new item: a Nez Perce Hairstyling Set of Today. Online, it doesn’t show how it goes on the doll. I’m hoping it will in the catalog. I am thankful AG came out with at least one item for Kaya. I have a feeling she will retire in the next few years. She isn’t very popular, but she is so cute! :)


I am only going to show the Doll Art Studio out of all the dozens of other new books. As an art-lover myself, I love this set. It comes with some accessories, and even a mini easel. This set is $25.

You can view all of the new items at 

Beforever is so new, I’m not sure what to think of some of the items, like Samantha’s pink collection and everyone’s colorful clothes.

What do you think? What are some of your favorite items?

– American Girl Doll Artist :)



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    • I just looked at this post again and saw the art book set, that is so cool :) I bought the school book set and I really want to get the craft book set and I think I might get the new one :)