Truly Me Summer Releases: My Thoughts

With all these new releases, it seems there’s something for every doll! Truly Me, Beforever, GOTY, Bitty Twins, and Bitty Babies all got something new this month. There’s so many items, I’m just going to do Truly Me items in this post.


I think this puppy looks angry, maybe with the way it’s fur is positioned. To me, it’s just another pet. I probably won’t get it.


I love this outfit. I really like the scarf because it’s great for mix and matching.  Isabelle would probably look really cute in it. The only problem is that Catlover02 and my mom both want it for their dolls too!

sparkle sweater

I think this is pretty. The skirt is super cute and so is the sweater. The boots don’t really match and they aren’t really my style. Overall, I think this is nice.


This is also nice for mix and matching. The little rhinestones on the leggings remind me of Isabelle’s funky leggings from her collection. :)



I don’t have anything to say about this. I don’t want to get it.


Cute! I love the sparkles. They could add glitter to any outfit.

Hot lunch

Doll food! I love how everything looks so real! I do like this a lot, but not really the price: $28. Why does $28 seem like a lot more than $24 (The picnic beach food set)?


This is great for dolls on a cool fall day. I love the little pockets.


I think this would be a nice addition to my dolls’ closet. It looks like something from Isabelle’s collection, considering the color and rhinestones.


I already have a fedora, so I don’t really need another one.


I like this, but not that much. I might consider buying this if it were priced lower. Also, I don’t understand why AG includes stickers with some of their furniture. In real life kids aren’t supposed to put stickers on furniture!


??? This is just strange. I don’t do Halloween, so my dolls wouldn’t ever use this. Look at the size of that “wig”! Younger girls would probably have trouble with getting all of the doll’s hair into it.


This is cute for a doll delivering newspapers.



I don’t think this is very original, because AG already had a singe braided headband and I don’t think it sold very well.


I have like 7-8 pairs of doll boots, so I don’t need any more to add to my collection. Especially for $16. They do look nice and warm!


This looks too plastic-y. The base could be metal, but I can’t really tell. The little clipboard is cute though.


Jamie loves this beanie! I really like it too. It’s affordably priced at $10. I probably will buy it soon.


I don’t play basketball, but my friend does. I think these are her team colors! I like how the colors aren’t pink or purple, and more like real team colors.


Um……. these are really weird. I don’t care for dolls with bangs, but they are nice for girls who don’t have a Truly Me doll that looks like them. Then they can create one!


Adorable! I love all the mini pieces in this set. The crock post is so cute. I will get this if it goes on sale.


This is a little strange because it doesn’t come with much and AG never says how to use the hair flip tool. I have an AG bun helper and some AG bobby pins and they aren’t very easy to use.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and check out all the new items at the American Girl website!

– American Girl Doll Artist


8 comments on “Truly Me Summer Releases: My Thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing you thoughts on this! I like to know what other people think about new AG items. I think the new desk is ok. I have the old desk and I like it better. To me, it looks more like a teachers desk. I don’t do Halloween either, so I don’t like the Halloween costume. But… I adore the slow cooker dinner set! My sisters and I LOVE it! I like the lunch tray. The dog is ok. You’re right, it does look it sort of angry. :) I wish they made another cat.

  2. I really like how realistic the school lunch set is, and the gym class set.
    Maybe the reason a lot of AG furniture sets come with stickers is so that kids have some kind of furniture that they are allowed to decorate with stickers if they can’t put stickers on their own desks, beds, etc.
    I do celebrate Halloween, but I agree that the costume is kind of weird. :P
    And as for the hairstyling set, it seems strange that they don’t include any instructions for the hair flip tool, but maybe you could ask one of the hair stylists at the doll hair salon about it or something? I don’t know.