Welcome Corinne Tan!!

The new Girl of the Year 2022 Corinne Tan has officially been released! The doll and her entire collection are up on the American Girl website after the Good Morning America reveal this morning.

There are photos of all the big items in Corinne’s collection, along with a video about the author of her books, and an article that explains why Corinne and her story are important. I definitely recommend you check it out! It’s a great read.

Article: https://www.americangirl.com/content/ag/en/explore/articles/learning/why-corinne-matters.html

What is your favorite part about Corinne and her collection? :)


9 comments on “Welcome Corinne Tan!!

  1. She’s so cute! I probably won’t be getting her, because I got a new doll for Christmas, and I just ordered two new dolls yesterday, but I do love that they’re using the Nanea mold on other dolls!