Welcome Z Yang!

Today is a super exciting day – Z Yang, AG’s newest doll who loves vlog, has been released! :D


Z is an imaginative filmmaker developing her own take on the world around her. She lives in Seattle were she vlogs and makes stop motions with her cameras and equipment. :)






American Girl partnered with the one and only 5HensandaCockatiel (aka Sydney) from Instagram. The well-known American Girl photographer got the opportunity to photograph Z and her collection around her hometown of Seattle. :D Below is a video of Sydney telling all about her adventure.


*gapes at all the gorgeousness in one video*

These photos are so stunning.. like, I can’t even. 0_0



Sydney set up these scenes in her own home.. Aren’t they beautiful? I could stare at them for hours.



This surpasses the highest level of cuteness. Z IS SETTING UP A PHOTOGRAPHY SCENE FOR HER KAYA DOLL. How adorable is this? *dies*


Z’s bedroom is goals.


This photo is my favorite. It’s so beautiful, and I love the lighting and the little sprinkles of rain coming down in wet Seattle. Wonderful job, Sydney.


Sydney said this outfit was one of her favorites but I’ve never seen it. A future outfit? :D It’s pretty cute!


Look at all the detail that went into this set up!



I love how they went all around the city taking photos of Z. It’s so awesome they are incorporating where she lives with the photography.

Go check out Sydney’s Instagram and blog (snistersflock.blogspot.com) and leave her some love for the awesome job she did!

I feel like I’m on an AG high today.ย XD Sydney’s photos.. I’ve died a million times today. :D


There. I said it.


What are your guys’ thoughts on Z Yang?

– American Girl Doll Artist


36 comments on “Welcome Z Yang!

  1. Okay, I’m not usually that excited about anything that AG is doing, but this caught my attention. THIS IS SO AWESOME. It’s amazing that they’re giving so much attention to the world of AG photographers, and that they let Sydney do that! Those pictures are incredible. <3

    -Clara <3

  2. FIRST COMMENT YAY!!!! Or at least it looks like it as I write this.
    Z is awesome!!!! I am totally getting her!!!!! After I finish my mourning…..my cat was killed yesterday…..I’m too sad to buy a new doll right now…

  3. Z is pretty cute, but she has permapanties. Which I have promised myself I will not under any conditions purchase. I might get her little photography set, though.

  4. HER CAMERA STUFF IS AWESOME. but I wouldn’t know how to use any of it because all I have is whatever light it is, an i-pod for taking photos, and whatever I could find for props. :P
    *whimpers* all the camera stuff….ok, now I’m going to go join in on burying Rudy with requests to replicate Z’s stuff.
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  5. These photos are really nice. ๐Ÿ˜„ Now I would get Z, but I kinda just spent all my money on TENNEY AND LOGAN! I got them and I’m so happy. Ok, at first wasn’t too thrilled with him, but Logan is cool in person. And Tenneys hair is really pretty. I’m sorry, I’m just SO happy. :) Thanks for the post.
    ~Katherine ๐Ÿฑ
    P.S. In the last pic is Z standing near the wall of gum?
    P.P.S. I’m in a play tomorrow and I’m super nervous, but also excited cause the teacher is still changing things…

      • Thanks!
        And the play went great! Now I just have to get through two more tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜”
        btw. This is really random but Ya know what’s wired? I recently had a dream that I met you and went over your house. But I’ve never met you, or let alone, seen you. It was a cool dream, interesting, but really strange. And I met your siblings too.
        P.S. You were nice. Don’t worry, you weren’t mean or anything. ๐Ÿ˜„

  6. Nowadays, American Girl has not be wowing us, but this really caught our eyes. So amazing! It’s so awesome how they are giving American Girl Photographers some credit, and how they even incorporated one into this project! Those pictures are outstanding!

  7. Oh my gosh, that’s Sydney from Snister’s Flock! I went, “who’s Sydney?!” the entire time until I saw the end and recognized her. That’s literally so cool! I LOVE her photography! Almost as awesome as yours! My favorite is the wet and rainy one on the sidewalk, oh my gosh. Thanks SO much for sharing this!! THAT’S IT I AM GETTING OUT THAT REFLECTOR SHIELD RIGHT NOW AND PRACTICE USING IT BECAUSE YOU AND SYDNEY INSPIRE ME TOO MUCH. XD


  8. I haven’t really been as interested in AG’s new stuff lately, but I really love Z! And those pictures are super awesome, I’ll have to go check out her blog :)

    Now I have to make my mind up, Z or #64, this is gonna be difficult!
    I love how Z is basically the embodiment of the AG Fan Community!

  10. Z is sitting right next to me and she says hello and she loves your blog she really like Tay s sense of style and no offense to the others but Z is a huge fan of Tay she wants to do what Tay does,she quotes Tay sometimes…..she acts like Tay.hehehe. Bye Z and Kate