Wellie Wishers – Sneak Peek on the AG Site

American Girl has set up a “sneak peek” page on their shopping website advertising the new Wellie Wishers that come out in a week!


Their home page carousel is all Wellie Wishers advertisements. The one above shows us all the new dolls very clearly. Their names are (from left to right) Emerson, Camille, Kendall, Willa, and Ashlyn.

Here are the other pages on the carousel:


It looks like AG will be selling each Wellie wisher’s complete outfit, including the boots, for girls.


Then there are several more pictures:





That stage is pretty neat, and I guess the Wellie wishers will have more outfits then their meet ones (hence the purple ballet outfit Emerson has on).


This picture is adorable!

There is also a video and you can watch it HERE.


And on the AG play page, there are sneak peek videos each day leading up to their release, the first one a teaser trailer for their new animated series. I’m guessing this is the series that will be released on Amazon later this summer. Today’s video doesn’t seem to be working yet, but maybe it will later in the day.

I probably will not purchase a Wellie Wisher, but I would not be surprised if Juliefan took a liking to them. She is in the target market for the Wellies after all. They have grown on me, though, and I am glad I don’t really “dislike” them. They a new part of American Girl after all, and I should accept that. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


36 comments on “Wellie Wishers – Sneak Peek on the AG Site

  1. I liked Camille right off, and Willa is looking pretty cute to me, too. It’ll be interesting to see how popular they are when they’re officially released.


  2. I can’t wait to see all the different things they have for them! They are really cute! :) I’m not sure if I’ll buy one (I’m not really the target market) but I’m still looking forward to them coming out! ;)
    I really like their names, too. They’re really unique! :D

  3. I think they’re cute! Especially Willa ;)
    But I don’t feel like they’re a part of AG, which is kind of what Grace said. They seem like dolls that Target or Toys R Us would sell. Maybe once we find out the quality I’ll feel differently about them. And I still am considering buying Willa sometime :)

  4. I have to admit, they are cuter than I thought they would be. Do they have cloth bodies or plastic? If they are cloth, they might be worth a look. I am not a fan of the hard plastic bodies because I really believe that dolls are made for cuddles, and who wants to cuddle a hard plastic doll?

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

  5. @Jaclynn I agree…. They don’t look like American Girl.

    I think I definitely like them more than I did at first… but I still don’t know how I feel about adding ANOTHER doll to their company. I know it’s a marketing tool to pull in more sales… but you know what this might lead to?!? The destruction of the 18″ American Girl dolls… Not trying to be super negative!!!!! But the WW might make so many sales some of the 18″ line might go down hill, for example: They could totally wipe out the Truly Me’s… It depends on if people want to start a new collection of the Wellie’s or think, “I like the 18″ line better and I don’t need another 5 dolls that are 15″.” I really don’t want this to happen!!!! Cause I love AG… But I’m just thinking from business perspective… Are they having a hard time with the 18″ line? Is that why there have been so many doll collection sales???

    I Don’t know!!! LOL!!! Just thinking my mind. Do you see what I mean though?


    • I agree, but considering the responses AG has been getting on social media, the destruction of the 18″ dolls is far into the future. While many people think they’re cute, others think they are ugly, unnecessary, and some don’t want to add another size of doll clothing to their house.
      I think they are adding the Wellies due to a hard time selling the Bitty Twins. They have never been the most popular, and AG has not released any new sets for them for about a year.
      I understand, it’s so confusing! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s always interesting to know what others think about these things. :)

      • Thank you! Someone sees my point!!! 😋 I wrote in my own words of the destruction of the 18″ dolls also…. I’m with ya girl😊


  6. Wow! I had heard rumors of this, but I did not expect it to get off the ground. My favorite is Willa. If I were to get a Wellie Wisher (which I probably won’t) I would give it to my little sister. I think these are great for brdging the gap between Bitties and AG Classics. Looking forward to seeing this pan out!

  7. I actually like the Wellie Wishers… :) As blackiesunshine said, it seems like a great way to give young girls a doll, but not a “baby” doll. I’m looking forward to their debut!

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  8. My name is Kendall and she looks like me too I hope I can get all of them if not I getting Kendall of course

  9. I spoke to American girl yesterday and was told bitty twins will be retired soon. they said as soon as inventories run out or by Christmas of this year .Ill be going in to the NY store in 2 weeks to pick up a few wellie wisher dolls and the 2nd Lea mini .This is the first time AG made 2 mini dolls for a girl of the year.
    and the second Lea is a store exclusive so they wouldn’t let me order her online.
    The Wellie wishers are 16″ hard bodied dolls .But since they are so cute we will have to add at least a few to our collection ! : )