20% off New Maryellen Doll Collections

American girl is having another bundle sale, this time with Maryellen.

maryellen sale

maryellen sale2

maryellen sale 3

I also noticed they updated the sale page. There’s loads of girl clothing, but I particularly noticed two pairs of shoes.

shoe sale

The blue sandals actually went with the Double Bow Dress and the sporty shoes actually went with the old tennis outfit. So, for those who lost the shoes to those outfits, now you can find a replacement! :) :) :D :) XD

– Catlover02 =^-^=

Are you going to buy anything on sale?


10 comments on “20% off New Maryellen Doll Collections

  1. AG Doll Artist. I need your help! (Or anyone else who is reading this) Should I take Katrina (#19), Samantha, or Saige (GOTY 2013) to a tulip festival tomorrow? Thanks!

  2. Beautiful dress. O and also I need help l have two American girl dolls and l don’t know if l should if l should take them both to places or just one of them. There names are grace and tenny.