Amazon Prime Making American Girl Doll Live Action TV Series

Today I found multiple news articles telling that American Girl is teaming up with Amazon to create 4 new live-action series starring American Girl characters!

“Mattel and Amazon are making deals, this time it’s a programming deal that centers on four live-action specials to be based on the popular doll franchise, ‘American Girl‘. In addition to the four live-action specials, Amazon retains the option to produce multiple seasons of TV series with the American Girl characters.


“There are a few more details on the four specials, two of the specials will feature characters from the BeForever franchise of historical dolls, and one of the specials will feature characters from theGirl of the Year franchise. The first special will premiere on Amazon Prime later this year.

This makes an arrow in the target for Amazon Prime in the tween girl arena where Netflix has been fortifying their foothold with the same target audience. “American Girl resonates strongly with kids and parents alike through its message of self-confidence, adventure, exploration and learning,” said Tara Sorensen, head of kids’ programming for Amazon Studios.

This doesn’t make the first time the American Girl dolls, which are not a small thing dollar-wise so adjust your wallets accordingly before you promise your kid you’ll pick up the toy version of what they will see on-screen, will be seen on-screen. Some of the appearances are the 2008 film ‘Kit Kittredge: An American Girl‘, HBO’s ‘An American Girl: Chrissa Strands Strong‘, and ‘An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success‘.” via

There is a possibility that this is just a rumor, but I don’t think so, considering that so many news sites have already reported it.  I am really excited to see where American Girl is going with this. :) I wonder what the series will be like. I hope they do one starring Lea or some starring Kaya or Josefina. :)

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think American Girl is trying too hard to widen their audience? Or are you excited for these series?

– American Girl Doll Artist


10 comments on “Amazon Prime Making American Girl Doll Live Action TV Series

  1. I am not sure how I feel about this- it seems sort of like they’re trying too hard. I mean, TV sort of defeats the point of the dolls, right?