American Girl 2018 Spring Release – My Thoughts – Part 1

Wow, it feels so weird to be typing the year, “2018”, up there. I think it’s still registering to me that it’s a new year.

And you all know what happens each January 1st, right?

The new Girl of the Year has been released! AG’s newest addition is truly extraordinary: An aspiring astronaut named Luciana Vega, who dreams of one day going on the very first mission to Mars!


Luciana Doll and Paperback Book – $115

Her appearance is very much like Truly Me #66, though with side-bangs and a purple streak (which, by the way, it such a cute touch). AG definitely did well on designing a doll with a completely unique storyline, and all the people you pushed, pushed, pushed for a STEM doll are finally getting one. From her cosmic print dress, down to her holographic boots, you can tell this girl is out of this world.


Luciana’s Accessories – $25

These accessories are actually mementos Luciana brought home from Space Camp. The holographic backpack is pretty cute, and so it the smart watch and star-gazing chart. And what girl wouldn’t want to eat dehydrated ice cream, just like the astronauts do!

I personally would not, but I can see why Luciana would enjoy it. 😐😂


Luciana’s Robotic Dog – $35

That’s a lot of plastic for a 35 dollar price point, and I think the fact that it can wag its tail and the eyes light up aren’t enough to make it worth it. Definitely a pass, though a really creative product.


Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories – $20

I love the NASA tee, the teensy astronaut figure, and the space magazine, but the rest is easily breakable paper things. It’s such a cute set though, and I can see many Luciana fans buying this right away.


Luciana’s Telescope Projector Set – $40

This is set is pretty cute. The telescope lights up and projects scenes from space, which I think would be really cool for a space-themed doll bedroom. It’s such a cool piece of equipment, but I’d much rather it go on sale, than buy it at the original price.


Luciana’s Maker Station – $100

I’m loving the color scheme of this set, and the fact that it comes with a pair of super cute safety goggles. The bench is almost certainly made of plastic though, but maybe the price would be worth it if the bench was made of wood. And, of course, the building blocks are a nice touch, but I feel like they don’t belong in this set, and would be better off separately.


Luciana’s Mars Habitat – $350

Wow. AG really got creative with Luciana’s big ticket item, and I am loving it! Both sides can be opened or closed, depending on what side you’re using. Most everything is plastic, or decor, but I can see this being a big hit for many AG fans.


Luciana’s Flight Suit – $28

This suit is, just wow. Such a great design, and all the little patches are amazingly detailed. That dark blue color just makes Luciana more gorgeous than she already is, if that’s possible. Plus, that price… 😱😮😍


Luciana’s Stellar Outfit – $34

AG’s really keeping with the trends by including that adorable bomber jacket, and those shoes are to die for…😍 This is probably the only thing I’d consider buying from Luciana’s collection. It’s such a nice design and has a lot of mix-and-match potential.


Luciana’s PJ’s – $24

These are one of my favorite GOTY pajamas by far. The starry leggings are super pretty and the “To the moon and back” graphic on the front of the tunic is just too cute! I’m not really a fan of the slippers, but they go well with the outfit all the same. 😊


Luciana’s Space Suit (Limited Quantities for AG Rewards Members) – $75

Okay, I get that this space suit it really, really detailed, but 75 dollars?! What is AG thinking? Then again, it is for AG Rewards members only, people who are probably making large purchases from American Girl each year. Maybe it’s worth it, but I’d have to see it in person to make a final decision.

I’ll be making a few other posts on the rest of AG’s newest releases; but for now, what do you think about the new Girl of the Year? 🚀

– Catlover02



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  1. You’re totally right! I like a few of the things, but all the plastic??? Notsomuch. I think just about everyone LOVES her PJ’s though, me included. Also, do you think she looks a lot like Chrissa? I do.


  2. DUUUUUDE THAT SPACE SUIT. Looks incredible, but $75, ouch. Is there anything you’re seriously considering buying, Catlover02?


  3. I’m not really into her story but I think the doll is cute and I love her stellar outfit and maybe the visiting center thing (I like the shirt😉). I saw sombody say she looks like Chrissa but I’m thinking more like Lea. She’s got the arched eyebrows like her and stuff. What do you think?

  4. I’m personally really proud of AG for making such a cute doll! I think the side bangs were what sold it for me. (Probably cause I have them for myself, lol.😂) Granted she does look like #66, but I’ll probably get her when I go to the AG store, hopefully this month. There is a lot of plastic in her collection though. . 😪 I’d say my favorite outfit in her collection is her stellar outfit. Do you think your going to get her?
    ~Katherine 🌍💫

  5. Luciana is so beautiful and unique. However, we will not be purchasing her.
    ~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

  6. I really love Luciana! I just bought a doll, but I might get her, but I also really want a camera too. Hard decision :).

    ~ Arabella (

  7. I love her Pj’s! her hair in that pic is so super cute!

  8. Love the pajamas and blue suit and stellar outfit. Too much plastic this year although her big ticket item looks nice.

  9. olivehiddenhollow says

    I think her collection is adorable! I’m almost as interested as when Lea Clark came out, but not quite, so there is a possibility of getting at least one of her sets before the years ends. 😉
    and if you just like the galaxy shoes, Rudy crafted some here:
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  10. I thin Luciana is pretty cute, but I have a doll that looks sort of similar to her, so I most likely won’t be getting her!

  11. I love Luciana a lot she’s definitely one of the best goty in a long time…

  12. Space theme definitely unique, just doesn’t interest me. I don’t feel the doll unique enough to purchase, despite loving the josefina mold

  13. Luciana is very pretty! I like her flight suit too!

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