American Girl on Zulily

American Girl is going to have a sale on Zulily tomorrow! How exciting! There is going to be up to 40% off, on Bitty Baby dolls and more. I can’t wait to see what other things are for sale too! I don’t know if I’ll be buying anything. I’ll just have to wait and see! I hope they have the old Historical Characters’ outfits on sale, and maybe even the older dolls for like $75! I know, I’m getting carried away, but that would be awesome. I know they did have a lot of Marie-Grace dolls before Beforever came out. They might have the mini dolls though. Oh, the possibilities!

– American Girl Doll Artist :)

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18 comments on “American Girl on Zulily

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    • All the bitty babies were on sale for $50, but they’re all sold out now. The tropical bloom outfit, the school days outfit, the Coconut Fun outfit, the I love Pets Pj’s and the Purple Peacock pajamas are all on sale. Lots of books are on sale as well. Most of the items are bitty baby.

  1. Is the sale today only? Did you buy anything? Do they have good prices for AG stuff a lot? What were the prices for the clothes?

  2. I’m thinking about getting the tropical bloom outfit (its my favorite) but I’m not sure if I want to spend the money. What do you think? And also is shipping free?

    • Well for example their are some other shops for 18inch dolls and some women’s clothing. Most of it is kids stuff though. No, I haven’t bought it yet. I still cant decide!