American Girl Possible Spring 2016 Outfits Leaks

Here’s some more photos of more leaked outfits from a Chinese seller:

This dress looks very spring-y. 🙂 You can see the little “American Girl” tag on the lower left corner of the dress.

A close up on the design.

I also found this outfit.

A close up on the top:

What do you think?  I think the green/purple top is okay, but not a color combination I’d probably create myself. I’m not sure the second outfit is AG because I didn’t see any tag, but it could still be AG.

– American Girl Doll Artist

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  1. I found that purple outfit, too. 🙂 The top looks a little small, so I think it’s for the Bitty Twins. It’s not my favorite outfit. The first one looks…. Different. I don’t like it that much.

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. Oh, and there are two AG tags on the second one. I found photos of it inside the shirt on eBay.

  3. Just thought you should know, living a dolls life copied the exact same two photos that you put up.

  4. Avatar isabellalovessonali says

    I am certain the second one is just random pieces. The first one, IDK. But ick, that looks like leftover fabric from making Beanie Babies in the 90s (no offense to anyone who likes it).

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