American Girl Trademarks New Names

On American Girl’s list of trademarks (words or names that “belong” to them) they have added several names, including:

WillaToys, games and playthings

Emerson – dolls, doll clothing, doll accessories, plush toys, toy figures

Ashlyntoys, games and playthings

Camilledolls, doll clothing accessories, plush toys, toy figures

Kendalltoys, games and playthings

Gabrielatoys, games and playthings

Camille! I love that name! It would such a great name for a doll! I hope these names all become dolls in the future. They may or may not be. We’ll just have to see!

American Girl has also trademarked “AG LIFE”. I think that’s for their new line of beauty products (perfurme, lotion, etc.) coming later this year.

Which name is your favorite?

— American Girl Doll Artist

AG Doll Artist About AG Doll Artist

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  1. Interesting! I wonder if those might be mini dolls like the Lori line?

  2. Wow, this is interesting! I love the name Camille. 😉

  3. I like the name Willa!
    Are they really releasing a beauty line?

  4. Wait I’m confused… so Those names belong to AG?

  5. Interesting!

  6. how do you figure these things out?

  7. my fav is Ashlyn!!!!

  8. Awesome! I love that I can always come to your blog and find all the news…
    I like the name Camille too,.

  9. Where does one find the list of AG’s trademarked names?

  10. Isn’t Lea’s friend named Camille? Maybe they are making a doll of her?

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