American Girl’s William Sonoma Collection

William Sonoma has released a line of baking kits and other items inspired by American Girl! Take a look!

American girl baking

American girl baking 2

american girl baking 3

american girl baking 4

american girl baking 5




 When Grace first came out, she inspired Catlover02 and I to bake. A lot. Because of our food allergies, we didn’t use normal recipes and used ingredients such as coconut sugar, honey, coconut flour, coconut oil, palm shortening, and baking soda. We tried a couple of times to master macarons, but they didn’t turn out the same. They were really good though! We thought it was because of the different ingredients. All the same, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen. We made cream puffs, eclairs, different types of homemade ice cream, a sunflower seed butter chocolate ice cream cake (it was soooo good), cupcakes, and more. But then my mom found out some more stuff about our health, and told us any kind of sugar isn’t that good for you. Sure, we can still sugar for birthdays, but not everyday. So, we haven’t baked much since then. But with 2 birthdays coming up, I probably will get to bake a few cakes. :)

That brings up another point.

I’m thinking of doing another season of the Mysterious Illness!

It’s not for sure – I may or may not do it. :)

What’s your favorite cooking item or set? My favorite is the Baking Essentials Set. I love the colors. :)

— American Girl Doll Artist


21 comments on “American Girl’s William Sonoma Collection

  1. Are you my sister? We have food allergies, too, and we use many of the same things as you. I did a lot of baking last year, so I was excited for Grace. I have done a few french things, but mostly cookies. I have still had a lot of fun, and Grace has inspired me to bake!

  2. I’m not much into dolls right now. But I have been playing with them more. And the one reason why I got back on to my dolls is because of you girls and your bolg. So thank you very much for posting ever day and telling me I need to play with my dolls and talk with them.