Are Corinne Tan’s Eyes Bigger Than Normal AG Dolls?

A lot of people on social media have been commenting on the size of Corinne’s eyes. “It reminds me of Disney,” one comment said. I’ve assumed between the new face mold and the painted on eyelashes, her eyes just *look* bigger, but it turns out there may be some validity to these comments I’ve seen.

Rachel K, a lady who customizes American Girls dolls, started customizing a Corinne doll several days ago and discovered something interesting.

Corinne’s eyes are actually 2mm bigger than the average American Girl doll eye.

Here was the comparison photo Rachel shared, along with this caption:

Corinne Tan’s eyes are LARGER than regular AG eyes.
Therefore, her eyes cannot be swapped at this point!!
AG eyes measure~16mm.
Corrine’s eyes are~18mm”

At this time, Corinne is the ONLY American Girl doll with the Corinne face mold as well as 18mm eyes. I will be interested to see how this affects customizers moving forward, if using bigger eyes is something American Girl continues to do.

Have you ever customized a doll?


8 comments on “Are Corinne Tan’s Eyes Bigger Than Normal AG Dolls?

  1. I think she appears like more south Asian, Thailand, Bhutan, India, etc. I think she does seem Disneyesque as her eyes don’t look Chinese because they are way too large and Chinese don’t have eyelashes so why the painted eyelashes? She’s a kid and not adult who’d paint her eyes. The eyes are obvious feature, short thinner and stick straight eyelashes in 99 percent of Chinese. I showed a few Chinese friends I showed thought she was mixed race. I am happy she is Chinese though. So many of my friends are self conscious of their perception of eyes not being beautiful (And they are) so this seems a bit weird to me this wasn’t thought out at all, like for instance the texture of Addy’s hair or Kayas smile, inappropriate to show teeth!

    • i’m curious as well! some people have speculated it’s because AG doesn’t want customizers changing dolls, specifically the dolls of color. it’s hurtful when people of color see the dolls that look like them being changed by customizers to have more european features, like lighter eyes, skin, and hair. however, american girl hasn’t said anything about it themselves, so it’s anyone’s guess. :)

    • it actually is a new face mold! My friend, Sydney, posted several photos comparing Corinne’s face mold to Nanea’s and other popular AG face molds. You can check them out on her Instagram, @5hensandacockatiel!

  2. I *REALLY* wanted to change Corinne’s eyes, both to get softer non-plastic lashes, and because of the potential for silvering / bubbling with pinwheel eyes. And now I can’t!