Beforever 2016 Book Cover Leaked!

Here is Melody Ellison, Beforever 2016’s 1st book cover! I found this photo on Instagram from @deenaandbeena. Her hair has a slight curl at the end and it looks like she had side bangs. I really like her dress, but I’d have to see the doll in person. I think she’s really pretty. :)


I’m also a big fan of the name Melody. Her release date is unknown.

What do you think?



15 comments on “Beforever 2016 Book Cover Leaked!

  1. The illustration of her is pretty, but I will have to see her in person to make my final opinion…. The title of her book sounds like her story will be about music or singing. That should make for some interesting accessories! I really hope though, that her coming out won’t spark Addy’s archival! I think that AG needs to have some more representation of non-white dolls, and if they bring out one DOC and retire another, that seems like they are just not representing things fairly…

  2. I can’t wait for Melody to debut! Her story sounds amazing and American Girl Doll News posted a description of the back of the book. It mentioned that Melody is singing a solo at her church and can’t decide what song to chose. She has two older siblings; brother who wants to be a Motown star and a sister who comes home from college. I won’t buy the doll if she doesn’t have the Sonali face mold, but I’m sure she’ll be beautiful. I found a leaked pet that might be hers on eBay. It’s on my blog if you want to see photos. :)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    • I saw the bunny too. Catlover02 is going to publish a post on it soon. :) I commented on your blog about it. :)
      I probably won’t buy Melody because she is going to be too much like Jamie, and AG is making her with side bangs, like Grace and Maryellen. Catlover02 might get her though!

    • It would be nice if they used the Sonali face mold. That’s my favorite one for African Americans. :) A new face mold sounds good. On the cover, Melody has dimples. AG should make a face mold with dimples. :mrgreen:

      • That is an excellent point, dimples would be a nice addition. I also wonder what the Marie-Grace mold would look like done in a darker tone? Oh the possibilities! I hope AG doesn’t let us down and make yet another doll that looks like the rest. We can hope. :)

  3. She is so cute!!! I heard she might debut January/February. I’m hoping for March since I am going to the NYC AG place in March for my birthday and I would love to go to a debut!!!