Everyone wants their drawings done! I don’t want to mess anyone’s up! Please tell me if these are correct.


ForeverLoveDolls would like a drawing of her 2 dolls, Mackenzie and Alexis. Mackenzie will wear the yellow flower dress and Alexis will wear the pioneer purple dress.

Notes: I looked for Mackenzie, but couldn’t find her on your blog. Is she Josefina? Also, would you like your drawing colored or black and white?


Christian Homeschooler would like a colored drawing of her dolls, Lindsey, Josefina, Lily, Mabel, and Elsie. They will wear the outfits they are wearing in their profile pics.


Tenley would like a colored drawing of Grace Thomas, in the plaid dress, with boots and a purple beret.


Ellie would like a drawing of Isabelle.

Notes:What do you want Isabelle to be wearing? Do you want it black and white or colored?


Saigeforcrafts would like a gymnastics drawing.


This is the order that I’m going to draw them:

1. Tenley

2. ForeverLoveDolls

3. Christian Homeschooler


5. Saigeforcrafts

Wow! So many requests! I guess you guys must like my art. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it!

No more requests please! I should start charging $5 for each drawing. LOL!

I appreciate all of you being patient. Thank you, and stay tuned for more drawings!

– American Girl Doll Artist


17 comments on “Confused!

  1. You got mine correct… :) Sorry, it must be hard to keep up with all of those. I would like mine colored, but you can do whatever you like really.