Girl of the Year 2022 Corinne Tan – Available Now for Preorder

Girl of the Year Corinne Tan is available for preorder! You can order the doll, book and accessories for $145 and get free shipping.

Goty 2022 Corinne Tan, Book & Accessories


I love how they leaked the whole collection but then posted the photo of Corinne so you couldn’t see her face. Such mystery, haha! 😋

The Girl of the Year 2022 exclusive reveal will be on Good Morning America December 30th. I’m assuming they’ll publicly release all the images of Corinne, Gwynn and their collection on that day.

Will you be preordering Corinne? :)


7 comments on “Girl of the Year 2022 Corinne Tan – Available Now for Preorder

  1. It does seem kind of odd that they’re trying to hide her face after they already leaked the whole collection…lol

    Her story sounds really interesting, though! The fact that she trains search and rescue dogs is pretty cool.

  2. This posting is so cool! Thanks for sharing it Dara Ann! I’m going to definitely do a posting on my blog about the 2022 AG Doll of the Year! Thanks for the update!
    Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do in the future!