GOTY 2016 News

I read another doll blog called Living a Doll’s Life and they just posted some news about GOTY 2016. Living a Doll’s Life has a picture of her possible meet outfit and there’s a tag on the dress that says, “Lea Clark.” It might be GOTY 2016’s name, or AG might be in the process of making her, just playing around with some ideas.

Read the full post here.

The dress that might be GOTY 2016’s meet outfit looks like she will have connections to Africa or South America, hence the aztec prints and sandals. They make me think GOTY 2016 lives somewhere hot and sunny.

What do you think? I think the dress is pretty, but I think it will be hard for the next GOTY to top Grace Thomas. Grace Thomas has more pieces in her collection than any other GOTY and many items from her collection have been backordered multiple times.

– American Girl Doll Artist


7 comments on “GOTY 2016 News

  1. Wow I just saw the picture, I love the dress!! I so hope she’s like either from Brazil or going to Brazil, or something like that! It would be different than the last few GOTY’S. But again it’s hard to say because it’s still so early in the year :0

  2. I think the adventure theme sounds found, something we haven’t seen since Jess and Kanani. I really have no idea how to pronounce “Lea.” Would it sound like le-ah? or le-i?

  3. I think the dress is ok….. It’s not my favorite. I probably won’t be buying anything from the new GOTYs collection. I agree. It will be reeeeeally hard to top grace!