GOTY 2017 Gabriela Book 1 Cover

The first book cover of GOTY 2017 Gabriela McBride, has been leaked!!


Thank you so much, @alexandradperreault, for the photo!

It turns out that Gabriela is the name of the new GOTY, and she is indeed an African-American!! We also see her meet outfit which will consist of a pink headband, a blue tank, purple long-sleeved crop top, and along with pants/leggings and shoes.

The doll is supposed to look the same as or similar to Truly Me #46, or Jamie. The cover illustration shows Gabriela having thicker eyebrows. I wonder if this will be a unique feature on the Gabriela doll.

UPDATE: Here is Gabriela’s book description:

“Gabby loves expressing herself—especially in the dance studio—but lately, poetry is becoming her art form of choice, and for good reason: Gabby struggles with stuttering, and spoken word poetry helps her speech flow more freely. Still, compared to how confident she feels on the dance floor, speaking up can be scary. When the city threatens to close her beloved community arts center, Gabby is determined to find a way to help. Can she harness the power of her words and rally her community to save Liberty Arts?”

I am disapointed, to say the least. This is basically just a modifited version of Saige’s story along with a few touches of Isabelle’s. I had hoped for a unique and different story. :( But I do love the fact that she has problems with stuttering. I think that is a real problem that probably many girls can relate to – along with other disabilities. :)

I feel as if this cover is different than most of the other GOTY’s. The illustration style is more decorative, rather than realistic like Lea’s, Grace’s and Isabelle’s book covers. Perhaps this is because the publishing is now being taken over by Scholastic.

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What do you guys think of Gabriela and this new book cover?

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46 comments on “GOTY 2017 Gabriela Book 1 Cover

  1. WOW!!! That is very cool!! Thank you for doing all of this work and keeping us up to date about all of the new things AG is doing!!

    Addylover :)

  2. I had been seriously wondering when AG was going to make an African American GOTY doll! :P That book cover of Gabriela looks cool, but I like the old ones way better. I wonder how the doll will turn out! I, too, wish her storyline was more unique. :/ Thank you so much for sharing and being so on top of the latest AG news! :D


  3. EEP! How exciting!!! I’ve been wanting an African American doll for quite a while, but Melody isn’t quite to my liking. Miss Gabby will be perfect! :D
    Her stories are definitely a mashup of Isabelle and Saige, but I’m really glad there’s another dancer…I didn’t really like Isabelle very much. I’m SO excited for Gabriela! :D
    And before I go, I’d like to second what Addylover said….I really appreciate you keeping us up-to-date with the new AG happenings! I don’t think I’d ever know as much as I do without your blog. <3
    Thanks again for sharing, AGDA! :D
    ~Grace <3
    P.S. Is it okay if I pin this image to Pinterest?

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  5. Thanks for sharing this! Pretty as she looks on the cover, I thought perhaps her eye colour would be lighter, or her hair longer than TM 46, but if anything it looks shorter. Maybe there will be some difference when her hair is down, like you can brush it?

  6. This is awesome!
    Isn’t this the first African-American girl of the year (not counting Sonali)
    I can’t wait I need to get Lea before I can start thinking about Gabriela!
    Sadly, I was expecting American Girl to up there game again like with Lea not copy previous GOTYs😢

    • Actually, Sonali is part South Asian because her grandparents (mother’s side) are from India. And to answer your question, yes. Gabriela is the first African-American girl of the year.

  7. AHHHH!! She is sooooo pretty and adorable!! The only thing is that I hope that she is a little different from ag #46 since a lot of people has #46 . Anyways , I am really excited to read her book and depending on her look … on getting her!! I kind of like the colorful book cover , but (I dont know why) I think I like the most the older style!!
    But I was expecting AG to make an original GOTY though since her story sounds like a combination of Saige’s and Isabelle’s story . Anyways , I loooooooove her hair and her unique eyebrows are really pretty. I also think that her meet outfit is pretty basic , but at least you can mix -and-match !!!

    And I love how you always share with us everything that’s happening . Love your blog , I never forget to read it!!!

  8. Wow. I was totally not expecting the stutter part. Or the poetry part. I think she’s very unique and lightyears better than Lea. Even though her story is similar to Saige’s, I do like it. It’s fresh, different, and for heaven’s sakes she’s not a tomboy! I mean, I can’t really say anything, because I’m a little bit tomboyish myself, but there seem to be too many tomboys in the AG world…Samantha…Kit…Felicity…Lea…I’m glad to see someone who’s not afraid to be a girl. Good job, AG.

  9. Oh cool ! Thank you for sharing ! She looks so cool ! I hope she has a pet lol . But , what happened to Tenney Grant ? I thought she was the GOTY 2017 ?

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  11. Wow! So cool! I’m fairly certain that is a real girl on the cover of the book, not an illustration like on all the other covers, interesting….
    -Ella J