Lea Catalog Photos – Leaked

Someone on Instagram got a Lea catalog in the mail. Click HERE to see the photos. Lea is adorable! I really like her exclusive collection with the beach dress. Her camera is so cool! I love how it’s colorful, and not just black.

– American Girl Doll Artist

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10 comments on “Lea Catalog Photos – Leaked

  1. I love Lea’s tropical collection! My favorites are…

    1. The Rainforest Hut! (My sister and I might save up and buy it)
    2.The CUTE Turtle :)
    3. The Bahia Berry Stand
    4. The Hiking Accessories
    5. Ocean Kayak

    Oh, Lea is so beautiful! Especially on the cover photo. Her eyes look gorgeous and I like how they sparkle in the light.

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    • I love here whole collection! I’m also thinking of getting her rainforest hut, but it’s a lot of money and
      Catlover02 doesn’t really LOVE Lea. I might get Lea’s meet dress for girls if it’s on sale. It’s so CUTE!! I especially love her fruit stand.
      Oh Lea! You are going to take all my money!

      • I agree! I’m already doing more chores so I can hopefully buy her collection. Lea is going to be exciting for me because I missed out on Kanani. That’s why I want her whole collection like you! :P I’m having a hard time deciding whether to save up for the fruit stand or the tree house. What do you think?

  2. Leas so cute! I might save my money for her…even though I just got a new doll. :) I love her pajamas, and the tropical style of all her outfits! Her rainforest hut looks super cool! I’m hoping my parents will take me to her debut! *shivers with excitement*

  3. She’s so pretty. I’m just so sad about the lack of a neck string and not a fan of the trash bag tie around her neck. It seems cheap!