Lea Clark Book Cover Found!

I found Lea’s first book in one of Scholastic Book’s Booklists. It’s a little blurry, but you can see her camera is a blue color with a yellow strap and she might be wearing a bracelet and/or headband.

lea clark book cover!

I’m pretty sure her camera will be available to buy.

What do you think about Lea’s first book cover?




8 comments on “Lea Clark Book Cover Found!

  1. Eek!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what her doll looks like! I’ve heard she will have caramel hair, Caroline’s eyes, and the Josefina face mold, but those are just the rumors! I’m really hoping she’ll have Caroline’s eyes though, that would be so cool!:) It seems that she’ll be having caramel hair according to that picture, which is really exciting!:D

    • I am also excited to see what she looks like. The full sized doll should be leaked soon! Caroline eyes would be so pretty. I am hoping I don’t like Lea, since I want to focus more on Kaya and Kanani’s collection. But I think I might fall for her. :)